Dr. Bashir Hanif speaks at
Hypertension Conclave by PharmEvo

KARACHI: M/s PharmEvo in collaboration with Pakistan Hypertension League organized a seminar called Hypertension Conclave on Current Management of Hypertension: Rationale for Fixed Dose combination at a local Hotel in Karachi recently. Dr. Bashir Hanif, Medical Director, Tabba Heart Institute was the Guest Speaker. Topic of his presentation was The Goal is to get the Goal. Prof. Mohammad Ishaque President, Pakistan Hypertension League chaired the session. Prof. Mansoor Ahmed Consultant Cardiologist, Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases and Dr. Aziz Khan Tank Founding Member, Pakistan Hypertension League were the panelists. Dr. Fawad Farooq Consultant Cardiologist, from NICVD acted as Moderator. It was very well attended by cardiologists and physicians from different institutions of the city.

Prof. Mohammad Ishaque presenting shields to Dr. Bashi Hanif, Prof. Mansoor Ahmed
Dr. Aziz Khan Tank Dr. Abdul Rashid and Dr. Fawad Farooq during a seminar on
Current Management of Hypertension organized by M/s PharmEvo at Karachi recently.

Dr. Bashir Hanif discussed the epidemiology of hypertension with reference to global context in general and national scenario in particular. He shared different studies and surveys suggesting that poor or non-adherence to medication is one of the major factors contributing to uncontrolled blood pressure. He discussed in detail the evolution of anti-hypertensives from monotherapy to combination with diuretics and then the latest combinations of ARBs and CCBs. He advocated the combination of amlodipine/valsartan in management of hypertension supported by clinical studies and international guidelines. His presentation was followed by an interactive question and answer session.
Prof. M. Ishaq in his concluding remarks expressed his concern about unawareness of hypertension among general population and empdhasize the role of physician in educating the patients about this silent killer. He thanked the audience for their interactive participation and PharmEvo for arranging an informative session. Earlier Dr. Fawad Farooq in his introductory remarks highlighted the increasing incidence of hypertension and the co-morbidities and complications associated with it.(PR)

 Paediatric Neurology 
Conference at Lahore

LAHORE: Epilepsy, EEG, Degenerative and brain disorders, Strokes, neuroradiology, movement disorders and developmental pediatrics were discussed in detail at the 4th Pediatric Neurology Conference held at Lahore from February 22-23rd 2013. The theme for the conference was bridging the gap in child and adolescent neurology. The conference was very well attended by neurologists from all over the country.

Prof. Sajid Maqbool along with Prof. Arif Herekar and others chairing a
session during the recently held Paediatric Neurology conference at Lahore.

The use of botox in cerebral palsy was also discussed besides deliberations on autism spectrum disorders. The most enlightening session was by Prof.Joseph who highlighted new openings I diagnosis in the yet unexplored field of neurodegenerative disorders in children. Those who made presentations in the conference included well known neuro physicians and neurosurgeons like Prof.Nazir Malik, Dr. Tipu Sultan, Prof. Arif Herekar, Prof.Shenaz Ibrahim, Prof. Jamal Raza, Prof.Shazia Maqbool, Prof. Joseph Gleeson, Dr. Fowzia Siddiqui, Prof.Muhammad Wasay, Prof. Naeem Kasuri, Prof. Matloob Azam and others. (PR)

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