World Multiple Sclerosis Day

KARACHI: World Multiple Sclerosis Day was celebrated in Karachi by organizing a meeting at Baqai Medical University while another meeting was held at Orthopaedic and Medical Institute. In his presentation on these occasions, Professor Arif Herekar, Chairman Faculty of Neurosciences Baqai Medical University said that Multiple Sclerosis known for its high prevalence in the Western world is far too under diagnosed in Pakistan and elsewhere in this belt.
Multiple Sclerosis, he said, is a neurodegenerative disease which not only affects adults but children as well though children suffer less. The younger the individual, the worse is the prognosis. Drugs help in improving the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis but since its a neurodegenerative disease, it cannot be eradicated. He referred to the availability of the various types of medications which are currently available from steroids to disease modulating drugs. In this context, interferon’s were highly reputable and effective. He further stated that this is a disease of the middle and upper class people and it is less prevalent in those living below poverty line. Since most patients are not seen by a classified neurologist, it is under diagnosed. Neuro rehabilitation is quite effective and we need to establish such centers to tackle problems of spasticity, gait difficulty and instability. (PR)

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