CFMP celebrates the
World Family Doctors Day

By Dr. Aziz Khan Tank

KARACHI: College of Family Medicine Pakistan celebrated ‘Worlds Family Doctors Day” on 1st June 2013 and this year’s theme for the Symposium was In prevention lies our salvation. Dr. Aziz Khan Tank, Secretary General College of family Medicine Pakistan, spoke on Why Family Doctors Day all over the world? He said it creates better patient doctors relationship in view of the fact that family doctors serve the patients from cradle to grave. He also stressed on primary health care and said that instead of spending billions of rupees, on instruments like Robotic Surgery, Government as well as foreign DONOR agencies, should be more attentive to primary healthcare in country like Pakistan which need safe drinking water, efficient sewerage system and awareness regarding health and hygiene.
Dr. Rukhsana Ansari, spoke on prevention and salvation while Prof. Tazeen Abbas spoke on importance of Maternal Nutrition. She emphatically mentioned the proper nutrition for the mother, neonatal and child and cleared lot of myth prevailing in this society regarding various foods such as Fish, Meat, Chicken, Vegetable and fruit which carry all necessary nutrition. Subsequently Dr. Shershah Syed spoke on cervical cancer, role of vaccination in prevention and proper treatment.
Prof. Hafizul Hassan, Vice principal of Baqai Medical College, spoke on Enteric fever (Typhoid fever) and its latest treatment. Dr. Amanat Mohsin discussed Mental Illnesses and gave real life examples of what is happening in this society due to which anxiety, depression, & other mental illnesses are increasing. He also presented simple solution to decrease the ever growing mental illnesses in all section of society.
Dr. Nisar Solangi, a public health specialist presented brief overview of public health and explained the role of government in solving public health problems as well as role of international agencies like WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA and other partners to fill the gaps in this regard. This was followed by lecture Dr. Fawad from NICVD on Hypertension & its Management.

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