World Hypertension Day celebrations at DUHS 

Essential hypertension needs life
long treatment - Prof.Azhar Farooqui

KARACHI: Department of Cardiology at Dow University of Health Sciences in collaboration with Pakistan Hypertension League organized a meeting on May 16th at DUHS to celebrate the World Hypertension Day. Prof. Azhar M.A.Farooqui founder President of PHL was the chief guest on this occasion.

Prof.Junaid Ashraf Principal of Dow Medical College speaking at the occasion said that 25% of world mortality is related to heart diseases or its complications. Times are not far away when it will also become the number one cause of mortality in developing countries like Pakistan. Since it has no symptoms, many a times the patients come with stroke, cerebral bleeding, or other serious complications. They had never checked their blood pressure. There are numerous misconceptions in the society. One must become proactive and get the blood pressure checked regularly after the age of thirty years. Yet another problem was irregular treatment. Stress and many other risk factors play their role and it is essential that we initiate some measures before the high blood pressure leads to come complications.

Prof. Azhar Farooqui in his speech said that maintaining normal blood pressure was important. High blood pressure is the most common disease among adults the world over. In Pakistan about 30% of people over the age of thirty years may be suffering from high blood pressure. PHL was established to create awareness about hypertension and over the years it has remained quite active. His advice to the public was do not wait for the symptoms to appear. Every physician who comes in contact with the patient for what ever reasons must check their blood pressure. Even paediatricians should check the BP of children as 5-7% of paediatric population was also suffering from hypertension. Treatment will go a long way in reducing the morbidity and mortality. Apart from drug therapy, life style modifications, regular exercise and taking healthy diet is also important. We now have many safe medications with very few side effects. Almost 80% people suffer from essential hypertension which needs life long treatment, he added.

Prof. Rauff Memon emphasized the importance of preventive measures while Dr. Rakshanda Jabeen spoke about primary hypertension and risk factors. She was of the view that young people with diastolic high blood pressure are likely to have more complications. Day time high blood pressure, she further stated, was more dangerous.  A number of other topics were also covered by a few other speakers.

Earlier Prof. Khalida Soomro, Prof. of Cardiology at DUHS in her introductory remarks highlighted the importance of World Hypertension Day. This was the second time that this day was being celebrated at DUHS, she stated.

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