World Hypertension Day

455 people get their BP checked at
PHL Camp at Isra University

HYDERABAD: World Hypertension Day is annually celebrated on May 17th, which provides an opportunity to emphasize on improvement, prevention and control of hypertension. Increased blood pressure is the leading risk for death and disability globally. One of the major barriers to effective control of hypertension is simply that people are not aware that their blood pressure is high. Yet simple affordable step to incorporate routine blood pressure assessment into community programs and workplaces as well as all health care settings could play a major role.

Prof. Dr. Feroz Memon Vice president, Pakistan Hypertension League (PHL) and coordinator Hyderabad Chapter organized Blood pressure awareness program on 17th May 2014, with a theme “Know your Blood pressure”, at Isra University Hospital, Hyderabad, by Department of Cardiology, Isra University in collaboration with PHL.

Two distinct points were selected for camping. People were invited for blood pressure measurements during three hours of camping, between 9:00am to 12:00pm. Two teams of doctors, one covering hospital side supervised by Dr. Owais Shams and Dr. Nadeem Memon and second covering academic area, supervised by Dr. Zain Islam Arain and Dr. Muhammad Sumair Khan provided awareness and measured Blood Pressure along with Body Mass Index (BMI) of around 455 individuals. Those who were found to have high blood pressure readings were referred to cardiologist for further management. The program was overall supervised by Dr. Nandlal Rathi and Dr. Mohammad Zaman Baloch in a very effective manner.

Prof. Asadullah Kazi, Chancellor Isra University, Prof. Dr. Ghulamqadir Kazi, Chairman, Isra Islamic Foundation and the Vice Chancellor of Isra University, and Dr. Abdul Ghani Kazi, Pro Vice Chancellor, Isra University also graced the occasion with their presence. This free of cost camping program helped people to “Know their blood pressure”. (PR)

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