Stress and Behaviour conference
at Saint Petersburg

RUSSIA: An international conference on Stress and Behaviour was held here recently which attracted many delegates from various countries. Saint Petersburg, it may be mentioned here is a Federal city of Russia located on the Neva River at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea. It attracted delegates from USA, Pakistan, Siberia, South Africa, Korea, Netherland, India and many other far flunked countries.

A group photograph of some participants to the stress and behavior conference
held at Saint Petersburg. Dr. Arif Herekar from Pakistan is fourth from left.

According to a communication received from Dr. Arif Herekar from Baqai Medical University who was present in the conference, many useful topics were discussed during the conference which included some ongoing studies as well as Updates on various topics i.e. basic neuro-pharmacology, psychology, criminology, behavioral sciences and neurology and many others. Many young and energetic young investigators presented there papers which was highly inspiring. This meeting gave a lot of inspiration to the young neuroscientists, students, residents in gaining experience in presentations in an international forum. Another interesting aspect of the conference was the use of English language which is rarely spoken in this part of the globe. The conference which started on the 16th of May 2013 concluded on the 19th of May 2013. (PR)

Seminar on Transfusion
Medicine at DUHS

KARACHI: Dow University of Health Sciences organized a Seminar on Transfusion Medicine Update at Dow Medical College recently... The aim of the Seminar was to discussed blood transfusion and its related problems in Pakistan and to mobilize the voluntary blood donation.
Prof. Masood Hameed Khan, Vice Chancellor, DUHS sharing his view on the occasion said that realizing the need of blood and its component, Dow University established Dr Ishrat Ul Ebad Institute of Blood Diseases at Ojha Campus. Beside this, Dow University has now initiated a sustainable learning platform for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and training with service delivery in blood transfusion and transplantation sciences. The aim is to mobilize voluntary blood donation and within perspective quality assured, safe, efficacious blood and blood components supply services to all the patients is need have been initiated.
Dr. Tahir Shamsi, Consultant Haematologist, NIBD &BMT speaking on Blood Component Therapy said that Blood transfusion has become very safe during the last two decades. Globally 92 million blood donations are made annually, 50% donations are made in high income countries housing only 15% world population. 36.4/ 1000 people donated blood in high income countries, 11.6/1000 people donated blood in middle income countries and 2.8/1000 people donated blood in low income countries. 31% blood collected is separated into components in low income countries compare to 91% in high income countries. WHO recommends that all donated blood must be screened for HCV, HBV, HIV, Syphillis and Malaria.
He stressed that collection of 100% blood from non-paid voluntary donors and employment of properly trained staff in blood bank will further help in minimizing the adverse events associated with blood transfusion therapy.
Dr. Zahid Hasan Ansari, Provincial Program Manager, Sindh blood transfusion program said that Sindh Government has decided to regulate this simple and ordinary medical practice and enacted ‘Sindh Transfusion of Safe Blood Act 1997”. The function of the authority is to adopt and develop a uniform policy covering all aspects of Safe Blood Transfusion, Register and issue licenses to blood banks in the prescribed manner, Ensure bio-safety measures according to World Health Organization’s guidelines and Monitor the working of the blood bank and carry out periodical inspection. Dr. Zainab Mukhtar talked about Adverse Transfusion Reactions and Its Management. (PR)

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