Diabetes Camp & Symposium at 
Fatima Memorial Hospital Lahore

LAHORE: Fatima Memorial Hospital held its annual free Diabetic Awareness Camp & Symposium on the occasion of World Diabetes Day. The objective was to create awareness of the disease and to educate the public on how to cope with it. The symposium consisted of lectures by specialists from Fatima Memorial Hospital & other hospitals. 

Prof. Rakshanda Rahman speaking at the World Diabetes Day symposium organized by faculty
members of the Medicine Department of Fatima Memorial Hospital at Lahore recently.

The symposium began with an inaugural talk by Prof. Dr. Saleema Qaisera – Head of Department of Medicine of Fatima Memorial Hospital followed by lectures by Prof. Dr. Tariq Waseem, Dr. Irshad Hussain, Dr. Aizaz Mand Ahmad, Prof. Fouzia Monoo Khan, Dr. Khawaja Khalid Shoaib and closing remarks by Prof. Dr. Rakshanda Rehman – Dean, School of Health Sciences, Fatima Memorial System.  

Patients were seen free of cost at the Camp by the consultants of the Department of Medicine at Fatima Memorial Hospital. Patients were offered free sugar, cholesterol and BMI testing while dietary advice was given by nutritionists of the hospital. The camp and symposium was organized by the faculty members of the Medicine Department of Fatima Memorial Hospital.

A view of the screening camp organized at Fatima Memorial Hospital Lahore on the World Diabetes Day.

Fatima Memorial Hospital is a not for profit hospital founded in 1977 in Shadman, Lahore and aims to provide healthcare services to patients from all walks of life without discrimination. (PR)

World Diabetes Day
observed at SIUT

KARACHI: World Diabetes Day was observed at Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) with a huge turnout of people who thronged the institute to avail the free medical investigation facilities offered by experts.Observing World Diabetes Day and creating public awareness about the diseases is an annual feature of SIUT where important days concerning health issues are observed as a part of public education program. 

Elaborate arrangements were made to carry out screening drive of the visitors in order to detect diabetes. It has been observed that many times the people did not know about the ailment.Investigation and screening exercise which were carried out included weight, height, blood pressure and pulse measurements, blood collection and dietary advice. The slogan this year for the day was “Healthy Living and Diabetes”.

Medical experts available on the spot gave advisory service to the visitors as how to lead a healthy and a balanced life. They were told that healthy and balanced diet,  low in fat, sugar and salt is of vital importance besides adopting physical activity daily for at least 30 minutes also helps them in leading a healthy life. They were also advised to lose weight if obese and to stay away from smoking and tobacco. According to a survey every fourth individual in Pakistan is either overweight or obese.Diabetes is a metabolic disorder whose incidence is registering a sharp rise in low income group countries including Pakistan. The prevalence of diabetes in Pakistan is estimated to be 7.1 million in the population.(PR)

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