Second Basic Trauma Workshop
at Bahawalpur by POA-Trauma Forum

From Dr. Faisal Nazeer Hussain

Bahawalpur: Second Basic Trauma Workshop was organized at Quaid e Azam Medical College Bahawalpur under the auspices of Trauma Forum Pakistan Orthopedic Association. It was a two day educational activity held in Orthopedic Department of QMC July 29th&30th 2017. The workshop was targeted at trainee residents and junior surgeons in Orthopedic Surgery.

Department of Orthopedic Surgery QMC Headed by Prof Nasir and Dr. Javed coordinated the workshop and had arranged the venue dividing it into lecture and Skills lab area. The course designer and director Prof Sohail Amin had devised the course concentrating upon transfer of hands on operative skills and knowledge of latest orthopedic Implants to budding Orthopedics surgeons.  It was well attended by the local trainees and young Orthopedic Surgeons.

The course was formally inaugurated by Prof (Rtd) Tehseen Cheema an eminent Hand Surgeon of Pakistan. Prof Cheema welcomed the visiting faculty and the Department of Orthopedics for taking such an initiative. He said such teaching activities in Bahawalpur will go a long way in upgrading the training standards of young surgeons in Orthopedics. Dr Javaid the course coordinator introduced the faculty members to the participants. Faculty comprised of local medical teachers and senior faculty members from all over the country. Dr Muhammad Idrees had come from Peshawar and taught on both days. Prof Faisal Nazeer Hussain , Prof Ghulam Mustafa KK, Kazim Najad and Prof (Rtd) Rafique Sabir were the instructors  in the course. Prof (Rtd) Tariq Sohail also joined on the second day.

Prof Brig Suhail Amin introduced the audience to the trauma forum POA and its objectives. He said Pakistan Orthopedics Association has a rich history of supporting academic activities and has begun to encourage development of subspecialty organizations under its flag. He welcomed the participants and told them how the next two days would be spent. He said that the course curriculum was divided into five modules. All the content was covered in two days. Ample opportunity was provided to the participants to practice their skills on saw dust bones in hands on atmosphere. Dinner reception were arranged in honour of the visiting faculty by the organizers on both days.  The participants appreciated the contents of the workshop and the opportunity it provided them to update their knowledge on the subject. (PR)

Seminar on Management
of Diarrhea at BMU

KARACHI: Department of Paediatric Baqai Medical University in collaboration with Department of Continuing Medical Education (CME) organized an awareness seminar on “Clinical Manifestations and Management of Diarrhea” last week.  Speaking at the occasion Prof. Jalal Akbar said that Diarrhea is an important health problem in Pakistan. It is silent killer, it is second common disease of children in Pakistan which takes more than thousands children’s lives every year. Majority of the parents, he said, are not aware of the quality of treatment. According to survey 90% diarrhea patients are recovered by re-hydration, Antibiotics are the last stage of treatment.

Dr. Arshad Hamid Khan, in his presentation on “Diarrhea in Children” said that it is not a disease it’s an emergency and we have not been able to manage and control it so far. Studies report at about 1.3 billion people are globally suffering from this problem and Pakistan was on 139th rank out of 176 countries on health issues. In every three minutes one child died due to diarrhea. He further elaborated how to prevent this killer diseases and also described the risk factors of which cause diarrhea like lack of breast feeding under the 6 month, lack of immunization, insufficient bottle feeding, and lack of Hygiene etc. Karachi city was facing major problem of impurity of drinking water and the sewerage problem. Garbage lying on roads, streets which are causing major diseases like Diarrhea. Dr. S. Zafar Mehdi made an audio visual presentation on Diarrhea and pointed out that it can be a life threatening disease if not treated on time. He also depicted different clinical pictures of children’s and mentioned about classification of diarrhea and its treatments. Zinc, iron, Vitamin A and ORS play vital role in controlling diarrhea virus. (PR).

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