Liver Cancer Symposium
at LUMHS Jamshoro

By Dr. M. Arif Sikandari

HYDERABAD: A one-day symposium on “Liver Cancer” was held on 21st July 2022 at the Diagnostic and Research Institute of Gastroenterology Department, Liaquat University, Jamshoro. It was chaired by Dr. Akram Bajwa. Eminent oncologists, physicians, surgeons participated in this symposium.

Addressing the participants, Dr. Akram Bajwa said that the purpose of organizing this symposium is to provide awareness about liver cancer among the people, while its treatment was possible with modern treatment methods. He further said that prevention of liver cancer is possible when we take preventive measures. Get hepatitis screening and live a healthy life. Liver cancer is a major public health challenge. The department is going to set up a state-of-the-art liver transplant center in Hyderabad and endoscopy ultrasound facility will also be provided soon so that patients.

Prof. Dr. Lubna Kimani said that hepatitis C is the main cause of liver cancer, besides cirrhosis of liver, hepatitis B, fatty liver disease, smoking, alcohol consumption, high cholesterol. To prevent liver cancer, we need to create awareness among people. There is a need to start a program of hepatitis screening and vaccination at the national level. Live a healthy life, avoid sexual immorality, avoid cigarettes and alcohol, control cholesterol and sugar, regular physical exercise, reduce consumption of junk and fast food.

Dr. Nazish Butt said that Pakistan ranks second among the countries of South Asia where this disease is rampant. Liver cancer is spreading rapidly in the world. To prevent it, it is necessary to diagnose and treat liver it in time to ensure good results. Symptoms of liver cancer include vomiting of blood, watery stools, semi-unconsciousness and fainting spells. There is a need to initiate surveillance programs at the national level to prevent hepatitis. With the help of ultrasound, alpha-fetoprotein level, liver cancer can be diagnosed in time. Liver patients should have their ultrasound and serum alpha protein levels checked every six months.

Liver transplant surgeon Dr. Fakhr A Qazi in his presentation pointed uot that liver transplant is the best treatment if liver cancer is diagnosed on time. Doctors should refer the patients suffering from liver disease in time. Treatment of hepatitis is essential, if we do not treat hepatitis, liver cancer may occur. Liver transplant surgeon Dr. Hasnain Abbas Gilani said that according to the World Health Organization, 1.3 million people will die of liver cancer by 2040.Let us save as many patients as we can.

Head of Nimra Hospital, Dr. Amin Abbasi said that liver cancer patients come to us at the last stage. Interventional radiologists Dr. Faisal stated that liver biopsy is essential for the diagnosis of liver cancer. Liver cancer is treated with the help of Ethanol Injection in Europe and France. Unfortunately Ethanol Injection is not available here. Prof. Nasir Hussain Luk from SIUT said that a medical board for liver cancer should be formed in which the treatment of liver cancer should be started with the opinion of all the experts. Consultant oncologist Dr. Azhar Rashid remarked that now it is possible to treat liver cancer through radiation which is known as SBRT. It is a safe treatment method. Currently, 30 SBRT centers are functioning across the country. Dr. Nand Lal Seerani said that the safe way to avoid liver cancer is to get our hepatitis screened and vaccinated and put them on treatment. If not treated, the risk of liver cancer increases. Dr. Riaz Awan emphasized that we need to spread awareness about liver cancer among the masses.

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