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41 HCPs lose their life due to COVID19
Fears expressed by 
doctors becoming true

Karachi: The fears being expressed by healthcare professionals, PMA, PIMA, YDA, GHA leadership for the last many weeks are now becoming true and the healthcare facilities all over Pakistan are getting more and more COVID19 patients. Sometimes the patients come at such a last stage that not much can be done to save their lives and it then results in violence against the healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities. These ugly scenes are now increasing with the every passing day.

PMA General Secretary Dr. Qaisar Sajjad has shared a list of thirty eight doctors and three paramedics who have so far lost their lives taking care of these COVID19 patients and the list is being further updated as more information is coming from various cities. It has urged the Government to wake up, take every precaution and has also requested the public to adopt protective measures, wear masks and practice social distancing. There is shortage of beds at wards, HDUs and ICUs all over Pakistan the press release adds.

However, even responding to the WHO call for adopting Intermittent Lockdowns, Dr. Zafar Mirza Advisor to the PM on Health says that the WHO was looking at the situation with a Health Lens but we have to look at many other things. Good luck to him and the Government.

WHO calls for two weeks 
Lockdown, more Tests

Islamabad: World Health Organization in a communication sent to the provincial Governments has pointed out that Pakistan has been ranked among the top ten countries in the world reporting the highest number of new cases of COVID19. It has advised the Government to enhance daily testing capacity to fifty thousand to assess the actual prevalence across the country. It has also questioned the hasty lifting of restrictions stating that Pakistan did not meet any of the prerequisites for opening of the lockdown. It has also recommended two weeks lockdown as WHO recommends two weeks on two weeks off strategy. Pakistan it may be mentioned here has a positivity rate of 24% as against the required rate of just 5%.

High Workload for ICU
Nurses May Increase Risk 
of Organ Failure for Patients

For patients admitted to the intensive care unit in a hospital in Finland, increased workload for nurses and understaffing of nurses were linked with a higher likelihood that patients would experience multiple organ failure. The findings are published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing. The levels of nursing workload and understaffing were at their worst on weekends. The results emphasize the need to ensure that intensive care units are adequately staffed based on patient needs.

The burden for critical care services has risen exponentially in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The consequences of increased nursing workload during COVID-19 remains uncertain and need to be investigated in this light, said corresponding author Miia Jansson, PhD, MHSc, RN, of the University of Oulu, in Finland.


PMA Sindh elects new
Office Bearers for 2020-2022

Dr. Mirza Ali Azhar
President Elect
Dr. Muhammad Usman Mako
Vice President-1
Dr. Vasdev
Vice President-2
Dr. Bashir Ahmed Khaskhely
General Secretary
Dr. Rafique ul Hassan Khokhar
Finance Secretary
Dr. Nisar Ahmed Memon
Joint Secretary-1
Dr. Muhammad Aslam Narejo
Joint Secretary-2
Dr. Muhammad Iqbal

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