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Impact Factor of Pakistani Med. Journals

Pak J Med Sci marginally
retains No.1 Position

KARACHI: Clarivate Analytics, Web of Sciences from United States has released the Journal Citation Report for the Year 2017 which shows that Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences has successfully retained the No.1 position of having the highest Impact Factor among the Pakistani Medical Journals for the third consecutive year. Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences has current Impact Factor of 0.719 while JPMA which also retains the second position has Impact Factor of 0.718 very close. Journal of College of Physicians & Surgeons of Pakistan has No. 3 position with current Impact Factor of 0.439. No other medical journal from Pakistan has so far been able to get an Impact Factor.
As regards the number of citations which is much more important JPMA retains the No.1 position with 2,829 citations during the year followed by Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences with total citations of 1,602. JCPSP has total citations of 1,488 during the same period.

DDPP-4 inhibitors and
risk of arthralgia

Pharmacovigilance from India has recommended revising drug safety labels for DPP-4 inhibitors to include arthralgia as a potential adverse drug reaction. These drugs are used for treating type 2 diabetes mellitus. Authorities there are reported to have received ninety six reports of arthralgia with DPP-4 inhibitors use. November 2017 (

Avoid ACEIs and
ARBs during pregnancy

ACEIs and ARBs are contra indicated during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy and not recommended for use during the first trimester. These drugs are used for treatment of hypertension in adults. Despite warnings, pregnant women are continuously exposed to these drugs during pregnancy which may have serious and fatal consequences. October 2017 (

Risk of hyperpigmentation
with Fluconazole

IPC of India is reported to have recommended revising drug labeling for fluconazole it include hyperpigmentation as a potential adverse drug reaction. This drug is used for systemic mycosis besides prophylaxis for cryptococcal meningitis, esophageal and oropharyngeal candidiasis, vaginal candidiasis and systemic candidiasis. November 2017 (

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