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 UHS starts its 
downward journey?

LAHORE: Failure of the Government of Punjab to appoint a permanent Vice Chancellor at the University of Health Sciences has seriously affected its growth and development. According to reports enrollment to a number of programmes could not be completed or has been stopped, some academic activities including international conferences which were scheduled to be held at UHS have been either cancelled or postponed. There was a time that UHS was a hub of academic activity and all the time there were some workshops, conferences, seminars with the result that it retained the ranking of being the second best medical university in the country after Aga Khan University in the country for a number of years. Now it appears it will be extremely difficult for the UHS to retain that position for various reasons.

After the establishment of medical universities at Rawalpindi, Faisalabad and Multan recently, the area of influence and income of the UHS has reduced to a great extent and it will find it extremely difficult to carry on its development work at its new campus. In the meantime according to reports the authorities have so far failed to find any proof of wrong doing by the former Vice Chancellor Prof.Junaid Sarfraz though some lower ranking staff members are being still investigated. All this has defamed and humiliated Prof.Junaid Sarfraz who had earlier resigned from UHS and went to Saudi Arabia to take up a lucrative job. He was called back by Major Gen. Prof. M. Aslam the then Vice Chancellor who persuaded him to stay in Pakistan and also created a post of Pro Vice Chancellor for him. As a human being Prof.Junaid Sarfraz might have his own weaknesses which we all have but it is difficult to believe that he was involved in any corrupt practices. It is unfortunate that we in Pakistan have now started a new culture whereby people are first punished and then the authorities, powers that be start looking for evidence of their corruption. In the meantime the ignorant media and some professional blackmailers in the media cross all limits of defaming people. It is because of such elements in the media that its image and prestige has been seriously affected and eroded. Anyone who has indulged in corrupt practices must be punished but not before he or she is proved guilty and the allegations, charges are proved after a fair transparent trial. It is also alleged that some physicians who are very close to the Punjab Chief Minister have also played their role in creating the present uncertain situation whereby timely decisions are not taken to fill up the posts of Vice Chancellors of universities. They appear to have their own vested interests.  Since it is already known when someone is going to retire, why the search committees are not entrusted the job of finding suitable candidates, interviewing them, short listing and forwarding the names of suitable candidates much in advance. 

PSORL Honours Prof. Iqbal Khyani
with Gold Medal

KARACHI: Pakistan Society of Otorhinolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery has recently awarded Gold Medal to Prof. Iqbal Khyani for being the first Pakistani to earn Ph.D. in the discipline of ENT, Head and Neck Surgery. The Gold Medal was presented to him in the inaugural session of 27th National Conference of Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery held in December 2017.

Prof. Iqbal Khyani

Prof. Iqbal Khyani, a medical graduate from Dow Medical College and the topic of his original research study Thesis was “early detection of oral cancer in saliva.” He did this research because oral cancer is increasing in Pakistan  and an  alarming numbers of new  cancer cases  are detected in younger age group due to increasing use of betel nut (Chalia), betel quid (Paan, Ghutka, Mawa, Manpuri). Majority of our patient presents late at advance stage for diagnosis and treatment due to misconception and fear of being biopsied. They seek advice from alternative healers under the influence of advice from friend and relative. As they present late to ENT surgeon, the results of the treatment are not good and there are chances of increased deformity, compromised quality of life and increased cost of treatment.

He had special training abroad in ear surgery (Otology) especially cochlear implant, Head & Neck Surgery especially for oral cavity, salivary glands and laryngeal cancer surgery and Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS), a latest treatment approach for chronic rhino sinusitis and nasal polyps. He has more than 55 publications to his credit published in national and international journals.

Health Work Force
in Punjab

ISLAMABAD: As quoted in Statistical Pocket Book 2017, according to Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC), over a period of 9 years, the nursing workforce in Punjab has experienced a growth of 55% (39,023 to 60,533). The number of lady health workers in Punjab has increased by 67% (7,345 to 12,297) and number of midwives has increased by 52% (5,340 to 8,100) says a communication released by Gallop Pakistan survey by Gilani Research Foundation.

The population of Punjab was estimated to be 86 million in 2006. Keeping in mind that figure, there was only 1 nurse per 2,204 people, 1 LHV per 11,708 people, 1 midwife per 16,104 people, 1 Naib per 213,339 people and 1 doctor per 1,709 people. In 2015, the population of Punjab saw a rise of 24% from 2006 (a period of 9 years) to nearly 107 million people. In accordance to that figure, there was 1 nurse per 1,767 people, 1 LHV per 8,701 people, 1 midwife per 13,209 people, 1 Naib per 264,197 people and 1 doctor per 1,702 people.

Increase in registered medical doctors can only be meaningful when looked at in perspective of growth in population. The net growth in doctors is only 1% when one accounts for population growth, while the net growth for paramedic staff such as nurses and LHV’s is ranging between 30-45% which is a healthy growth. However, the high net growth is also partly because the base from which the growth is computed i-e number in 2006, are so low. In other words, whereas growth is high, significant efforts are needed to reach an optimal level in which there is adequate supply for common man to access. 

The data for this analysis is based on Statistical Pocket Book 2017 and then analyzed by Gallup Pakistan team. For more survey data on social and other issues see website

13th annual Surgical Week for
colorectal Diseases at JPMC

KARACHI: The 13th annual surgical week for Colorectal Diseases will be organized at JPMC from October 8-11, 2018. Prof. Francis Seow-Choen Professor of Colorectal Surgery Seow-Choen Colorectal Center Singapore will be the Master Trainer who will show live demonstrations of various surgical procedures while Prof. Roger Motson Professor of Colorectal Surgery at Colchester University Hospital UK is the Course Coordinator. Free Registration is mandatory for CME Accreditation.

For further details contact Ward-2, JPMC Karachi. Cell: 0302-2466692

Do education and poverty
affect Knee Surgery success?

In an Arthritis Care & Research study of individuals who underwent total knee replacement, those who did not attend college had worse pain and function after two years if they lived in poor communities, but educational level was not linked with pain or function in wealthy communities. How education might protect those in impoverished communities warrants further study. This study illustrates the complex ways that social factors interact, and the importance of analyzing contextual factors, said lead author Dr. Susan Goodman, of Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City.