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Manners of servants
of ailing humanity

SIALKOT: While there is no end to the unethical medical practice by some healthcare professionals, some conscious physicians are also trying to highlight the importance of ethical medical practice, keeping up professional ethics and serve the ailing humanity with sympathy, affectionately, listen to them patiently and serve them with devotion and dedication. Dr. Eice Mohammad FCPS, Professor of Medicine at Islam Medical College Sialkot who has earlier served as Principal of numerous medical colleges in the public sector has recently published the second revised edition of a booklet entitled “Manners of Servants of Ailing Humanity”.

Prof. Eice Muhammad

This booklet which highlights the good qualities of a physician covers in detail medical ethics, its religious perspective, status of healthcare in an Islamic State, Pearls of wisdom from Prophet Moses, Prophet Jesus, The Christ, Sayings of Gotham Buddha, Hippocratic Oath- the motto of a doctor, rights of patients, conduct of a doctor at the time of a death of the patient, how to deal with medico legal cases, Doctors dress, eating habits and their behaviour in public, Strikes by healthcare professionals. The book also covers some examples of good and bad behaviour of doctors, how to write a good prescription. Some excerpts from the National Bioethics Committee guidelines on Physicians interaction with healthcare professionals have also been made part of this booklet. It contains numerous verses from Poet Dr. Allama Iqbal, quotations form Holy Quran and some other religious books, religious scholars. He has sent copies of this book to most of the medical institutions, principals, Vice Chancellors and other government functionaries in regulatory bodies to spread the message. It is hoped that it will help in creating awareness about the importance of ethical medical practice among the healthcare professionals.


Prof. Mazhar Malik receiving the Fellowship during the recent World
Congress of Social Psychiatry in Romania held recently.

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