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RCP Regional Conference at
Lahore on Feb. 26-28, 2016

LAHORE: Royal College of Physicians London is holding its regional conference at Lahore from February 26-28th 2016. It is being hosted and organized in collaboration with Azra Naheed Medical College. The conference is expected to attract Members and Fellows of Royal College from all over the country besides many foreign delegates. For further details contact Prof. M. Akbar Chaudhry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Prof. Lubna Baig
appointed Pro VC JSMU

KARACHI: Prof. Lubna Baig PhD Dean APPNA Institute of Public Health affiliated with Jinnah Sindh Medical University has been appointed as Pro Vice Chancellor of JSMU.

Prof. Lubna Baig

Prof. Lubna Baig, it may be mentioned here is an eminent medical educationist. A notification of her appointment was issued last week and she is reported to have assumed her additional responsibilities.

PET-CT scanner and
cyclotron installed at AKUH

KARACHI: Cancer, heart and neurology patients are set to benefit from the Aga Khan University Hospital’s acquisition of a PET-CT scanner and cyclotron, aRs 350 million gift from more than 30 generous donors. The University Hospital also becomes the only hospital in the south of the country to have a cyclotron. The on-site cyclotron – which produces the short-lived radioactive material used in PET scanning – will produce a dose-on-demand, tailored specifically for each patient.

Nuclear medicine has flourished as a field in Pakistan since the early 2000s but the number of trained practitioners are still very few, says Dr. Maseeh Uzzaman, head of the nuclear medicine section, department of radiology, AKUH. We need both high quality images and interpretation and review of the images by qualified nuclear medicine physicians.

Time is of essence when detecting a disease or determining the course of its management. The PET-CT scanner is unique as it presents a real-time image of changes occurring in the body, and helps identify abnormal or unusual activity that a CT scan or MRI would miss. This means that patients have a better chance of beating their illnesses without multiple tests or unnecessary procedures.

Patients will not have to wait till the end of the chemo or radiotherapy treatment cycle to see if the treatment is producing results. Scans can be performed after one or two doses of chemo or radiotherapy, and a decision made on whether to go through the remaining cycle he explained.

FMHCM&D orientation
seminar for new students

LAHORE: FMH College of Medicine & Dentistry held an orientation seminar for the newly enrolled class of Medicine and Dentistry at the General Attique-ur-Rehman Auditorium of Fatima Memorial Hospital recently.

The ceremony began with the recitation of the holy Quran and the National Anthem followed by an introduction toNUR Foundation &Fatima Memorial System and the institutions it entails which includes Fatima Memorial Hospital, FMH College of Medicine & Dentistry, FMH Institute of Allied Health Sciences, Saida Waheed FMH College of Nursing, FMH Institute for Post Graduate Training, NUR Foundation, NUR Community Outreach Program, NUR Student Leadership Program, NUR Centre for Research & Policy & NUR International University.

The meeting was addressed by Dr. Zafar Iqbal Qureshi – Chairman, Board of Governors – NUR International University, Dr. Rakhshanda Rehman – Dean, School of Health Sciences, Fatima Memorial System, Dr. Jamshed Nasir –Principal, FMH College of Medicine, Dr. Nazia Yazdanie – Principal, FMH College of Dentistry & Dr. Abid Asher – Vice Principal, FMH College Dentistry.

The orientation seminar stressed that students must educate themselves and remain true to the values of the medical profession as they are the backbone of the healthcare set up. The students were told to play their roleto the best of their abilities and with compassion, dedication and sincerity. (PR)

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