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Pakistan Pharma Summit-IV
at Karachi on Sept. 4-5th 2018

KARACHI: Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (PPMA) will organize the Fourth Pakistan Pharma Summit at Karachi from September 4-5, 2018 at Karachi. This was announced by Mr. Haroon Qasim Chairman of the Pakistan Pharma Summit-III at the end of the inaugural session of the SUMMIT-III on July 24, 2017.

HEC cancels recognition
of 11 medical journals

ISLAMABAD: Higher Education Commission, Government of Pakistan is reported to have cancelled recognition of a number of scientific journals which includes eleven medical journals published by the public and private medical colleges, universities and professional specialty organizations. The journals which have been de-recognized are as under:

  1. Pakistan Journal of Pathology
  2. Medical Forum Lahore.
  3. Journal of Cardiovascular Diseases
  4. Pakistan Oral and Dental Journal
  5. Journal of University  Medical and Dental College,
  6. Gomel Journal of Medical Sciences
  7. Pakistan Journal of Neurological Surgery
  8. International Journal of Rehabilitation Sciences
  9. Journal of Fatima Jinnah Medial College, Lahore
  10. Infectious Diseases Journal of Pakistan
  11. Pakistan Journal of Pharmacology

According to HEC, low quality research papers are published by these journals which have no importance nationally or internationally. The faculty members have been advised not to send and get their manuscripts published in the above journals.

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