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Head and Neck Cancer 
Use of 
mood stabilizer 
may reduce the risk

A new study indicates that a commonly used mood stabilizing drug may help prevent head and neck cancer. The study is published early online in CANCER, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society.

Valproic acid (VPA) is currently prescribed as an anti-seizure medication and mood stabilizer, but it is also being studied as an anticancer agent because it inhibits histone acetyl transferases, which help control gene expression by changing DNA structure.
Johann Christoph Brandes MD, PhD, of the Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Emory University in Atlanta, led a team that assessed the anticancer effects of VPA in a study of 439,628 veterans, of whom 26,911 were taking the medication for bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, migraines, and seizures.
Veterans who took VPA for at least one year had a 34 percent lower risk of developing head and neck cancer compared with those who did not take the medication. Higher doses and longer duration of VPA use seemed to provide additional benefits. No significant differences were observed for lung, bladder, colon, and prostate cancer incidences.
“A 34 percent risk reduction for the development of head and neck cancer with VPA use could result in the prevention of up to approximately 16,000 new cases and 3,000 to 4,000 annual deaths in the US alone,” said Dr. Brandes. “Head and neck cancer is an important global health crisis, and low cost and low toxicity prevention strategies like VPA use have a high potential impact on pain, suffering, costs, and mortality associated with this disease.”(PR)

Prof. Hafeez Chaudhry
elected President of PHL

LARKANA: Prof. A Hafeez Chaudhry, Prof. of Medicine at Punjab Medical College Faisalabad who served as Secretary General of Pakistan Hypertension League for two terms was unanimously elected as the new President of PHL in the General Body Meeting held during the 17th Annual Symposium of PHL held here last month. The meeting was chaired by Prof.M. Ishaq the outgoing President. It was attended by fifty members.
Prof. Mohammad Ishaq proposed amendments to the Articles of Association of PHL, which was followed by reports of General Secretary Prof. Abdul Rasheed Chaudhry and chapter reports. The Treasurer Prof. Mansoor Ahmed presented the financial report.
This was followed by election of new PHL body for next 4 years, Prof. Ejaz Vohra was nominated as Election Commissioner. The new body of PHL elected unanimously is as under:

1. President
    Prof. Abdul Hafeez Chaudhry
2. Vice President
    Prof. Feroz Memon
3. General Secretary
    Prof. Mohammad Ishaq
4. Joint Secretary
    Dr. Jawaid Akbar Sial
5. Treasurer
    Prof. Mansoor Ahmed

US Physicians concerned about
Quality of Generic drugs from India 

In the light of import bans and recalls issued by the Food and Drug Administration, some US physicians have voiced concerns about the quality of generic medications manufactured in India, the second-largest supplier of over-the-counter and generic medications used in the US. Reuters points out that Richard Kovacs, MD, a board member of the American College of Cardiology, urged physicians to report medication irregularity cases to the FDA.

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