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IMRA charitable work in Pakistan

KARACHI: IMRA (International Medical Relief Agency) a U.K. registered charitable organization and its subsidiary in Pakistan, set up a cooperation framework with a renowned charitable Memon Medical Institute Hospital, running philanthropy projects in Pakistan.

IMRA has been doing charity work in different cities/villages in Pakistan holding free medical camps, Mastoid Surgery and Cochlear Implant Surgery free of cost for poor patients. IMRA team from U.K. and Pakistani ENT Surgeons organized six (6) Free Cochlear Implants Surgery at Memon Medical Institute Hospital (MMIH) from 1st to 3rd January 2019. IMRA Charity provided the Implants worth over $100,000 and the operations were successful as far as Surgery was concerned.

Surgeons from UK Dr. Noweed Ahmad and Dr. Haroon Khan who is also Chair of IMRA along with Pakistani Surgeon Dr. Shaukat Malik Chair of IMRA (Pakistan) organized this charity programme with the cooperation and full support from the Management and Board of MMIH AND ENT Faculty. A memorandum was agreed to continue with this pioneering project of providing free Cochlear Implants to needy children along with development of other ENT services at this Institution. (PR)

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