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PIMA on PMDC elections

KARACHI: Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) has strongly denounced the current move by a few individuals towards selection of the new office bearers of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council held in Islamabad on 5th August 2013. Defying the honorable Lahore High Court’s stay order on all sorts of elections and holding such meetings, 14 council members under the chairmanship of Dr. Asim Hussain gathered in Islamabad without circulating agenda or voters’ list for the election. Rather the most important item of elections was included as “Any other point” in the on table agenda which was again serious violation of council rules says a press release issued by PIMA. The standing committee on Senate and Liaison ministry (Ministry of Health regulations) had also asked all concerned to refrain from holding such meetings/elections.
The requisition of the meeting was signed by the acting president rather than the registrar showing eagerness to grab the affairs of the PM&DC for vested gains. Those who participated were directly influenced by the previous PM&DC management and still were unable to convene a legal quorum for the meeting, (gathering only 14 members, while some of them are yet to be notified as member of the council). Out of total 78 members of the council onl. A few of the office bearers even did not attend the meeting yet they were elected as members of the executive committee, the press release added.
Many of those who allege to be the new office bearers are responsible for mushrooming of medical and dental colleges in Pakistan and promoters of substandard medical education in the country. While being active members of the previous executive committee they were accountable for registration of fake medical/ dental degrees and accreditations of substandard medical and dental colleges in Pakistan which is under investigation of NAB. Interestingly the self proclaimed office bearers of PM&DC pose themselves as proponent for NAB investigations remained in the previous executive committee which is responsible for dragging the medical profession towards these swindles.
PIMA and all Medical/Dental professionals of Pakistan strongly urge the government for the completion of the PMDC council at the earliest and to convene the lawful council meeting aiming to streamline its affairs. Meanwhile PIMA will also vouch for the independence of the regulatory body and its national and international stature without compromising the fair functions of the council, the press release concluded.



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