Healthcare facility in
SWAT setup by Dr. Sher 
Mohammad Khan

SWAT: Dr. Sher Mohammad Khan a noted Nuclear Medicine specialist who himself hails from Swat valley has established a small hospital in scenic Swat in rural area on the roadside. The Healthcare facility will be primarily but not exclusively for humanitarian work.

A view of the healthcare facility established by Dr. Sher Mohammad
Khan in scenic Swat in rural area on the roadside.

Dr. Sher Mohammad Khan told Pulse International that there are also five one and two bedroom flats built on the fourth floor for all those (doctors, nurses, paramedics, other volunteers like journalists) who would periodically come to render some healthcare and other services. We will also try to do Prevention and early Detection work in the adjoining villages. We have started some work recently and employed some people in general cadre. We have noted that there is too much unemployment and poverty in this area. Hence, we will also try to help in employment Insha Allah, Dr. Sher Mohammad added.

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