PMA criticizes charges for tests
from patients in Punjab Hospitals

Karachi: Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) has expressed its concern over imposition of heavy fee on all the diagnostic services in all the Punjab Government hospitals. This move has put lot of financial burden on the poor patients visiting these government hospitals. This will add to the miseries of the poor masses. This brutality, the PMA maintains, is not acceptable because health is a fundamental right of the people of Pakistan and one cannot deprive them of their rights.

According to a communication received from Dr. S.M. Qaisar Sajjad, Secretary General, Pakistan Medical Association (Centre) , the Punjab government has allowed all public sector hospitals to charge for various tests. Hence forth, patients will have to pay Rs. 2,500/- for CT scan, Rs. 100/- for ECG, Rs.150/- for ultrasound and Rs. 60/- for X-Rays. The Punjab government has also imposed Rs. 200/- fee on the CBC test, Rs.300/- fee for Liver Functioning Tests (LFTs), Rs.400/- for Coagulation Profile, Rs.110/- for RA Factor, Rs.75/- for anti HCV Screening, Rs.220/- for Fluid Routine Examination, Rs.300/- for HbsAg, Rs.350/- for HbAIc, Rs.600/- for Trop T, Rs.250/- for Lipid Profile, Rs.900/- for Thyroid Profile, Rs.300/- for PAP Smear, Rs.700/- for ABGs, Rs.325/- for Cardiac Enzymes, Rs.110/- for Serum Bilirubin, Rs.600/- for H Pylori, Rs.400/- for Myco dot and similarly charges on many other test.

PMA has demanded from the Government of Punjab to withdraw this notification immediately, so that poor patients could have a sigh of relief, as many of them have no choice apart from government hospitals to visit for the treatment of their diseases.(PR)