DUHS honours retired
Principals and Professors

KARACHI:Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) organized a Ceremony on September 10th 2015 to honour its retired professors and Principals of Dow Medical College and Dow International Medical College (DIMC). Prof. Masood Hameed Khan, Vice Chancellor, DUHS in his address acknowledged the efforts of its faculty members including Head of the Departments and Professors in bringing change in medical education of the country. Paying rich tribute to his teachers, he stressed the juniors students to give due respect and regards to the teachers because teachers are the sources of inspirations. Teachers, he further stated, always try to inspire younger generation to achieve best possible talent.

DUHS honoured former Principals of DMC and retired professors at a function held at DUHS campus recently.
Picture taken on the occasion shows those who were honoured with Prof. Masood Hameed VC DUHS.

Dr. Masood Hameed also mentioned the developments of the University since its inception. Currently 7382 undergraduates and 1190 postgraduate students are enrolled at DUHS in all specialties of medical and allied health sciences. The University has been aiming to provide maximum possible health services to the community through various ways. Prof. Junaid Ashraf, Principal, Dow Medical College in his welcome address said that DMC is one of the oldest and high class academic institution of Pakistan. Prof. Salahuddin Afsar, Chairman, Curriculum Committeegave gave a presentation on new designed Curriculum of MBBS formed by a curriculum committee having responsibility for creating, overseeing and managing the medical student education program and ensuring international standards.

Those who were honoured and presented mementoes included  Prof. Ali Muhammad Ansari, Prof. Shareef Chaudhry, Prof. M. A. Almani, Prof. Illahi Baksh Soomro, Prof. Masood Hameed Khan, Prof. Salahuddin Afsar, Prof. Zeenat Ayoob and Prof. Shams Nadeem Alam and retired professors including Prof. Iqbal A. Memon, Prof. S. M. Inkisar Ali, Prof. Zia Iqbal, Prof. Abdullah, Prof. Ghufrana Umar Memon, Prof. Nargis Soomro, Prof. Qamar Hameed, Prof. Asif Bhurgi, Prof. Saeeda Haider, Prof.Rana Qamar, Prof. Qamar Hameed, Prof. M. Ilyas, Prof. Karimullah Makki, Prof. Shaheen Akber Agha, Prof. Khalida Soomro, Prof. Hassan Dost Afridi, Prof. Khalid Ahsan Malik, Prof. Naheed Sultan, Prof. Sadqa Aftab,  Prof. Ranyo Mal, Prof. Farooq Alam Siddiqui, Prof. Nighat, Ruksana, Prof. Salman Matiullah, Prof. Pervaiz Iqbal, Prof. A. Majeed Rana, Prof. Mirza Shafiq Ali Baig, Prof. Pervaiz Anjum and  Prof. Akhter Baig.(PR)

Prof. Herzig speaks on
pump failure of the Heart

LAHORE: Noted academician and professor of physiology and pathophysiology, University of Mainz, Germany, Prof Dr Joachim W. Herzig gave a talk on “Pump Failure of the Heart and Modulation of the Renin-Angiotensin System” at the University of Health Sciences (UHS), on August 27.

He pointed out that renin-angiotensin system (RAS) is a hormone system that regulates blood pressure. If this system is abnormally active, blood pressure will be too high. There are many drugs that interrupted different steps in this system to lower blood pressure.

Later on, Prof Joachim had a “Meet the Professor” session with the faculty and students that covered different topics and provided participants the opportunity to be updated about the topics of interest in an interactive manner.  (PR)

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