World Hospital at Home Congress, Vienna 2021
How is COVID-19 Expanding 
Hospital at Home?

With the COVID-19 pandemic currently ongoing, combined with patients’ rising needs for next generation healthcare services, Hospital at Home (HaH) is not far from being a common addition to our everyday lives. HaH programs offer a way for health systems to enhance patient-centered and value-based care in a number of ways.

According to Prof. Michael Montalto, World Hospital at Home Congress Co-Chair “Hospital at Home has a lot to offer. It’s got the ability to provide clinical, hospital-level supervision and monitoring; it can investigate people effectively away from the hospital; it can offer treatments like intravenous antibiotics, antivirals, intravenous fluids, some special oral medications that may require monitoring. These are all things that hospitals at home have done before and are all things that have a contribution to make during a pandemic like this”.

Besides these benefits, Hospital at Home programs aid the current healthcare situation by:

  • Taking additional patients which frees hospital beds for patients who need acute care due to COVID-19.
  • Offering medical and emotional support to patients in the comfort of their own home
  • Diversifying the role of healthcare professionals

The World Hospital at Home Congress (WHAHC) is the only international platform to advance the hospital at home model and ecosystem. This model meets the urgent need for a safe, effective, holistic and cost-effective alternative to the standard inpatient treatment.
 The committee is comprised of the leading experts in the field:

  • Dr. Itamar Offer, Founder and Co-Chair of WHAHC, CEO of Sabar Health, Israel
  • Prof Bruce Allen Leff, Co-Chair of WHAHC, Director of the Center for Transformative Geriatric Research, Johns Hopkins Medical Center, USA
  • Dr. Beatriz Massa, Co-Chair of WHAHC, President of the Spanish Society for Home Hospitalisation, Spain
  • Prof Michael Montalto, Co-Chair of WHAHC, Medical Director, Epworth Hospital in the Home; Director, Aged Care Imaging Mobile XRay Service, Australia

WHAHC 2021 will take place April 19-21 in Vienna and will provide a dedicated program to pioneers and experts from multidisciplinary fields, including healthcare service providers, policymakers, researchers and healthcare practitioners.(PR)


Prof. Tabinda Rana hosted a reception in honour of Prof. Yasmin Rashid Punjab Health
Minister recently. Group photograph taken on the occasion shows from (L to R) Prof.
Samia Malik Prof. Rakhshanda Rehman, Prof. Dr. Yasmin Rashid Health Minister of Govt
of the Punjab, Prof. Dr. Tabinda Rana, Prof. Shamaila Ijaz Munir, Dr. Sofia.

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