Marham to promote medical
tourism in Pakistan

Google announced it’s Demo Day Asia six months ago. This initiated their extensive search for outstanding start-ups in this region. Entrepreneurs from the entire Asia Pacific sent their applications. Ten participants were selected which included Marham from Pakistan. Fighting its way to top 10 companies from Asia Pacific, later Marham won the audience choice award from the Asia Healthcare industry.

For a country like Pakistan where quacks, unqualified herbalists, and nonprofessionals are playing havoc on the health of masses Marham has provided an opportunity to patients to contact with the qualified doctors.

Marham is a panacea for all your medical worries. Primarily its focus is doctors and their patients. Using you can easily book an appointment with a relevant doctor, inquire about health-related issues online using Marham forum and even have an online consultation with a doctor. The prodigious number of members in Marham online community reaches to 125.000, the number of doctors who are helping Marham by their vital role in changing scenario of healthcare in Pakistan is over 12000, and approximately 15000 patients are helped each day by easing their worries of taking an appointment and its confirmation. Marham blog is an epitome of medical awareness where more than 300,000 people look for awareness and insight on health-related issues, Marham claims.

It may be mentioned here that Doctors from India and other countries due to their better online presence are getting lot of patients for surgeries and other procedures from Pakistan. The advent of robotic surgeries will further revolutionize the availability of such services. We have competent doctors, we have the infrastructure and relevant facilities as well. What we lack is proper communication between the between patients and doctors.

This is where Marham comes to help patients and doctors. Marham is also playing a vital role in increasing medical tourism in Pakistan. People from other countries can see online about competent doctors here and their credible services. Our neighboring countries are enjoying this for long. This is where strengthening an online presence becomes essential. In this era of Google search, you have to be available online. So people can know you, your expertise, and your achievements. And since this is an entirely different area Marham has built in easy to navigate features for doctors. All you need is to sign up using the Marham website and join Marham. Doctors who wish to get registered on MARHAM platform may visit url: (PR)

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