World Parkinson’s Day meeting at BMU

PD is the most common
degenerative disease - Arif Herekar

KARACHI: World's Parkinson's Day was celebrated at the Baqai Medical University by organizing a CME programme. Prof. Arif Herekar Head of the Dept. of Neurosciences at BMU and Prof. Jamil Ahmad spoke on the prevalence of Parkinson's disease in this part of the world. This, Prof. Arif Herekar stated was the second most common neurodegenerative disease and is supposed to be one of the most disabling disorders of the geriatric population and hampering the quality of life significantly. 

Prof. Arif Herekar further stated that the prevalence of Parkinson's disease continues to increase by 1-2% after the age of 65 and by 4-5% after 85. Deficiency of the main neurotransmitter, it was stated causes the disease.  Aging is an important cause and mostly involves elderly population. Genetic predisposition is also an implicating factor. The difference of prevalence in different countries is due to the environmental variability. Free radical injury is more likely to occur in most industrialized countries. The disease has a complex symptomatology with tremors, dysphagia, rigidity and postural instability being the hallmark. 

Various treatment options, Prof. Arif said, are currently available in Pakistan. Earlier diagnosis and appropriate treatment leads to better prognosis. He also emphasized the importance of early referral of these patients to concerned specialists.(PR)

Workshosp on Psychosocial
Rehabilitaion Innovations

FRANCE: WAPR organised a workshop at the World Federation for Mental Health European Regional Conference held at Lille, France. 28-30 April 2015. It started with an opening talk by Afzal Javed, President of WAPR who welcomed the participants and thanked WFMH for giving this special slot to WAPR in this meeting.  Co-chairs of the workshop, Mark Lanier, President of Clubhouse International (USA) and Wander Reitsma, Director of Clubhouse De Waterheuvel, Amsterdam also spoke at this occasion.

A group photograph of some of the participants and speakers at the workshop
on Psychosocial Rehabilitaion Innovations held at France recently.

Papers were presented by Prof  Imran I. Haider (Pakistan) on “Psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery, experiences from innovations in developing countries”, Esko Hänninen (Finland) on “Community-based rehabilitation & Clubhouse model as means to social integration and inclusion of people with mental disorders”, Wander Reitsma (The Netherlands) on “How a Clubhouse works in practice and supports its members’ multiple needs for social inclusion and recovery” & Jeffrey Geller (USA, UMASS, Worcester) on “Discussion on the next steps forward to more effective use of evidence-based psychosocial rehabilitation innovations”.

The workshop attracted a good number of participants that generated very lively discussions about setting PSR programme and Club Houses around the world.

After the session, a meeting took place with Mark Lanier, President of Clubhouse International (USA) and Wander Reitsma, Director of Clubhouse De Waterheuvel, Amsterdam for some future collaboration between WAPR and Club House International.(PR)

sign MOU

PESHAWAR: A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between Association for Excellence in Medical Institutions (AEME) and Khyber Medical University (KMU), here May 7, 2015. According to the MoU, both the parties will jointly hold a Medical Educational Conference next year in Peshawar. Experts of the field across the country and from abroad will participate in the event to share their expertise with each other. 

The conference will help promote medical education in the province on modern lines. The MoU was signed by Vice Chancellor, KMU Professor Dr Hafiz Ullah and Professor Dr Umar Ali Khan of AEME. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Senior Minister for Health Shahram Khan Tarakai was the chief guest on the occasion. In his address, the Provincial Minister termed the signing of MoU as an important step towards the promotion of medical education in the province on modern lines and said the conference would provide a platform for the experts of the profession to get together and share their expertise with each other and that will ultimately benefit the general public.  He lauded the role of KMU & AEME    in promoting medical education in the Country and hoped that the institution would play its role in a much better way in the future as well. (PR)

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