Diabetes seminar at Dow University

KARACHI: National Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology (NIDE), in Collaboration with Department of Pathology, Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) Ojha Campus, Karachi organized a seminar on diabetes to create awareness among the public. Speaking at the occasion Prof. M. Zaman Shaikh, said that this diabetes awareness campaign calls on all those responsible for diabetes care to take control of diabetes. In Pakistan, mean health expenditure on Diabetes is only 24 USD / person / year, in contrast to 55 USD /person in India. Even in a country like Afghanistan it is 33 USD, Nigeria 47 USD, and Sudan 52 USD and in Turkey the expenditure is as high as 571 USD / person.
Describing new modalities, Prof. Shaikh stated that New Insulin Pumps about the size of small pager will soon be in market with novel features such as insulin on board, bolus calculators, custom alarms, touch bolus, interface to personal computers, integration with blood glucometers & full featured remote and tubeless pod. They can be programmed to deliver insulin based on individual’s life style. When this technology is combined with a continuous b. glucose monitoring system, dream of real-time control of blood sugar level will come true. This may function as an artificial pancreas when the loop is closed.
Prof. Zaman Shaikh highlighted the importance of identifying the variable clinical presentations of the disease and the correct biochemical values of diagnosis and discussed the management guidelines as described by the International Diabetes Federation. Oral hypoglycemic agents, he said, have now been approved with some reservations for use in pregnancy as well.
Professor Muhammad Masroor, Principal of Dow International Medical College, said that insulin is a life saving drug. All patients with type 1 diabetes use insulin from day one of their diagnosis till the last day of their life to sustain their life. Insulin is needed eventually even in type 2 diabetic patients, because 50% of these patients require insulin after 10 year of diagnosis, as oral drug fail in action, because of the progressive nature of the disease.(PR)

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