Kemcolians want restoration
of KEMC under KEMU

LAHORE: The general body meeting of KEMCOLIANS Forum was held here recently. It was attended by three former Principals i.e. Prof. Iftikhar Ahmed, Prof Dr. Mahmood Ali Malik and Prof. Ijaz Ahsan who chaired the meeting. It was very well attended by KEMC graduates including senior professors and Principals.
Speakers and apprised the Kemcolians of the historical past of the King Edward Medical College. The Forum was revived and the newly elected cabinet was announced. Prof. Mahmood Ali Malik was elected the Patron in Chief , Prof. Sohail Chughtai the President, Prof. Ghias un Nabi Tayyab the Vice President, Prof. Amjad Secretary, Dr. Aslam Rao the joint secretary and Dr. Khuda Baksh as the press secretary. Aadvisory Council of the Forum will consist o Prof. Iftikhar Ahmad, Prof. Ijaz Ahsan, Prof. Amir Aziz, Prof. Mahmood Shaukat, Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal. A resolution was passed for restoration of King Edward Medical College under King Edward Medical University as a constituent medical college of the university and other medical colleges may be allowed affiliation with KEMU. (PR)

 PPMA demands early
meeting of DPC

KARACHI: Repeated postponement of meeting of Drugs Pricing Committee (DPC) working under Drugs Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) is adding to the distress of Pharma industry which is badly hit by the inconsistent working of DRAP resulting in delayed registrations of new products.
Slow process of registration is adding to the miseries of the industry already working under strict price control. Since 2001, there has been over 65% devaluation of Pakistani currency against US$, compounding effect of inflation is more than 150% and cost of utilities is more than doubled. Almost 90% of raw material is imported which is severely affected with sinking currency making difficult to maintain sustainable growth. DPC meetings conducted on regular basis will help in fast track registration of products based on fair and rational pricing mechanism. Delayed registration process can deprive patient from getting novel therapies and irrational pricing process may lead to shortage of essential life savings drugs, the PPMA believes.(PR)

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