DVAGO sells authentic
Medicines at affordable prices

Karachi’s pharmacy sector has remained untapped by the wave of modern development and improvement that encompassed other aspects of the health industry and brought drastic changes in it. For years, people have been relying on local medical stores and chemists that sell medicines without the supervision and expert advice of a qualified professional. Not only has the medicine been sold under unqualified pharmacists or ordinary store keepers, some of the medicines are not even fit for use for being stale, expired, counterfeit, and sometime unfit due to unfriendly temperature control.

Group photograph of senior executives of Dvago (Pharmacy and wellness experts) From (L to R) are
Mr. Irfan Ahmed Khan (CEO), Col. Retd. Salman Khan besides Mr. Rizwan Diwan ,
Syed Muhammad Ali
and Mr. Saqib Bilwani Directors.

According to a report by WHO, more than 40% of the total medicines sold are not fit for use. From sourcing to handling, very little steps are being taken to ensure that authentic medicine is being sold to people.

People have no way of determining whether the medicine they are buying from these stores are original and suitable for them or not. This increases the risk of further ailments and major health problems in the country. In the wake of such a pressing issue, DVAGO came to existence to change the status quo of Karachi’s pharmaceutical landscape.

DVAGO Pharmacy & Wellness Experts is a modern pharmacy concept where medicines are sold following some of the best international standards. Availability of medicines at DVAGO is never an issue because here the customers can find medicines for every disease.

DVAGO launched its operation in Karachi on 16th March 2018 and opened three flagship stores in Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Clifton and North Nazimabad, ensuring easy access and availability of medicine to the people of Karachi. Each store has a team of qualified pharmacists and professionals who sell medicine under their strict supervision. Medicines at DVAGO are kept in ideal temperature, and are received directly from the manufacturer to ensure the authenticity and originality of the product.

Mr. Irfan Ahmed Khan (CEO), Mr. Adeel Ahmed, Chief Operating Officer and Mr. Mustafa Bilwani, Director Dvago (Pharmacy and wellness experts) Photographed along with sales team
of Dvago Residency Branch Clifton.

“The technology that we have brought in Pakistan is the first of its kind in this region. It’s the international best solution that can single-handedly manage more than 20,000 SKU at a time.” said Irfan Khan, CEO DVAGO. “All our stores are temperature compliant with a qualified pharmacists present at all times to guide and suggest the best medicine to our customers”, added Irfan. “DVAGO also plans to expand its footprints and have qualified medical practitioners present in every store to consult and prescribe medicines to people there and then.”

A service of this kind has been unavailable to the people of Karachi, despite living in the 21st century. DVAGO aims to change this by providing quality products, lab and medical consultation services, ensuring constant availability of authentic medicines and wellness products. All the medicines at DVAGO are kept affordable in ideal temperature conditions, and delivered through expert, empathetic pharmacists.(PR)

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