About 400 doctors get degrees
at KEMU annual convocation

LAHORE: About four hundred students which included 320 Medical graduates and eighty nine postgraduates were presented degrees at the 9th Annual Convocation of King Edward Medical University held here recently. Governor Punjab Ch. Muhammad Sarwar was the chief guest on this occasion. Medals were also presented to forty five position holders. Sara Arif was declared the best graduate for the year 2017 with 15 medals in different subjects.

The best graduates, position holders of KEMU photographed alongwith Governor of the
Punjab, Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar, VC KEMU Prof.Khalid Masud Gondal and Punjab
Minister for Health Prof. Yasmin Rashid at the KEMU Convocation held recently.

The students who achieved Gold Medals include Aiman Shirin, Ayesha Irfan, Hira Jamil, Kanza Yousaf, Unsa Athar, Zebreen Tahir, Ali Naveed and Awais Raza, while Dr. Parish Bhandari achieved Gold Medal among the Post Graduates. Speaking on this occasion Chaudhary Muhammad Sarwar said that KEMU has excellent faculty. He congratulated all the graduates, position holders and their parents. He advised that all graduates must remember their Alma mater. The students must respect their parents and teachers because teachers feel pride on the success of their students as parents do. The Governor also praised the performance of Vice Chancellor KEMU Prof. Khalid Masud Gondal and faculty members. He announced a cash prize of Rs: one lac to the best graduate of 2017 Sarah Arif. Minister for Health Punjab, Prof Yasmin Rashid in her address said that she spend fifteen years in this institution as a faculty member and  enjoyed teaching to the student of KEMU.

Prof. Khalid Masud Gondal VC KEMU presenting a memento to Governor
Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar at the KEMU Convocation held recently.

Earlier VC KEMU Prof. Khalid Masud Gondal welcomed all the guests and congratulated the students and their parents. He hoped that students will promote the high standard set by their predecessors of this esteemed institution and they must pay back to this nation by serving with their best abilities They should  also enlighten the name of their  Alma mater and country. He also announced a prize of Rs. Fifty thousand for the best graduate Dr. Sarah Arif from the university. He also presented a copy of History book of KEMU to Chief Guest Governor of the Punjab Ch. Muhammad Sarwar. Major achievements of this institution are highlighted in the History Book with proper references.(PR)

VC KEMU says

Service of ailing Humanity should be KEMCOLIANS Objective

LAHORE: A graceful introductory meeting was organized in the honor of the newly admitted MBBS students at King Edward Medical University, Lahore in the new auditorium. More than 300 students and their parents were invited to attend this ceremony. It is pertinent to mention here that for the secession 2018-19 the students securing more than 92.50 percent marks have been declared eligible to get admission in this prestigious institution which is the top most merit in the province.

Speaking on this this occasion, the Vice Chancellor Prof. Khalid Masud Gondal, Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof. Ijaz Hussain, Deans, Registrar and all the faculty members of KEMU welcomed and congratulated the students and their parents. The Vice Chancellor Prof. Khalid Masoud Gondal, in his address, said that it is the dream of thousands medical student to become KEMCOLIAN, you are the lucky one to have got the admission in KEMU. He told that KEMU will become the top most medical university in the country in the near feature. He urged the students to maintain discipline and full attendance. The profession of medicine is demanding and your objective should be serviced to the ailing humanity. Prof. Saira Afzal briefed them about the history of KEMU, Prof. Ayesha Shaukat and Prof. Irshad Husain briefed about rules and facilities of the Hostel. Prof. Ather Javed talked about disciplinary rules of university for information of the students and stressed on the university dress code for implementation. University administration will keep an eye on fooling of the students from the seniors and it will be dealt accordingly. If any incidence happened the student should inform immediately to the university administration. The registrar KEMU Prof. Irshad Husain Qureshi took the oath from the students.(PR)

College of Family Medicine declared as IDF Center of Study

KARACHI: College of Family Medicine Pakistan has been declared as “IDF Center of Study” by the International Diabetes Federation. CFMP it may be mentioned here has launched a certificate course under the leadership of Prof. Zaman Shaikh in April 2016. College has been busy in training the Doctors across Pakistan for an effective management of Diabetes since then.

According to Dr. Shehla Naseem the Secretary General of CFMP, so far they have trained about 300 doctors in Pakistan. The College celebrated this event recently where Dr. A. Samad Shera was the chief guest. Speaking at the occasion Prof. Zaman Shaikh emphasized the importance of focused activities to fight diabetes. A well trained Family Physician not only manages patients effectively but is able to prevent complications of diabetes.

Dr. Shehla Naseem stated that in Pakistan every 4th adult is a potential diabetic and if serious and timely measures are not taken we would have a huge number of patients suffering with complications. The College started training Family Physicians across the country two years ago to manage the disease properly. (PR)

Breakthrough in treatment of Restless Legs Syndrome

RLS is a common condition of the nervous system that causes an overwhelming irresistible urge to move the legs. Patients complain of unpleasant symptoms such as tingling, burning and painful cramping sensations in the leg. More than 80% of people with RLS experience their legs jerking or twitching uncontrollably, usually at night.

Until now it was thought that RLS is caused by genetic, metabolic and central nervous system mechanisms. For the first time the researchers show that, in fact, it is not only the central nervous system but also the nerve cells targeting the muscles themselves that are responsible.

This new research published in The Journal of Physiology recently indicates that the involuntary leg movements in RLS are caused by increased excitability of the nerve cells that supply the muscles in the leg, which results in an increased number of signals being sent between nerve cells. Targeting the way messages are sent between nerve cells to reduce the number of messages to normal levels may help prevent the symptoms of RLS occurring. This could be achieved by new drugs that block the ion channels that are essential for the communication between nerve cells.

The research conducted by the University of Gottingen in conjunction with the University of Sydney and Vanderbilt University involved measuring the nerve excitability of motor nerve cells of patients suffering with RLS and healthy subjects. The next step is to investigate the effect of different medications in patients and the effect on RLS.

Dirk Czesnik, corresponding author of the study, says that ‘Patients who suffer from Restless legs syndrome complain of painful symptoms in the legs leading to sleep disturbances. The mechanisms for RLS are still not completely understood. We have shown that also the nerve cells supplying muscles in the leg are responsible and hereby additional drug treatments may be ahead targeting these nerve cells.’ (PR)

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