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Shaukat Ali Jawaid



Holistic approach to manage
obesity and weight gain




Many people are carried away by the tall claims made by the promoters of diet pills, quick fix diet advertisements without realizing that they can never return to their former self spiritually or physically because it is against the laws of Nature. These advertisements vomit out garbage non-stop showing visuals of what good looks like.1 Hence one should not chase something which is unobtainable, unhealthy image and waste money on these quick fixers promising miracle results. On the contrary holistic approach to manage obesity and weight gain offers simple, feasible, practical cost effective solution which has a lasting value. In holistic approach one loses the desire for those things which are harmful. Remember the quick fixers are not only unhealthy but their benefits can also be easily undone.

As such advise your patients that they should not withhold food and every nutrition and take every diet pill available which is a self destructive behaviour. By doing so they may be digging their grave early. Exercise is known to be an important part of healthy lifestyle but it does not solve the problem of obesity and weight gain alone. Much depends on the choice one makes about food. Nutritional experts believe that Flour, Sugar and Salt are the three devils which are highly addictive and habit forming. One should also remember that the synthesized food being processed by Food firms are not in your best interest. They use certain chemicals which are very popular with these food manufacturers because it not only ensures low production cost but also high profit margins. What is more important to know is that these products also contain addictives which are non-nutritional agents which leaves one hungry prompting people to purchase and consume even larger quantities of these processed food.
According to reports Americans spend forty-six billion dollars on dieting and diet related products annually and this keeps the industry going but despite that more than 60% of United States population is overweight and almost 33% of those overweight adults are estimated to be obese.1 Children between 12-19 years is their fastest growing segment of population. Ever since the introduction of the fast food chain of restaurants in Pakistan, visiting these food outlets has become a status symbol. They are quite popular with the kids and the result is that most of these children who consume junk food are obese. They will become obese adults and this weight gain is an important risk factor for a wide variety of disorders like coronary heart disease, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, increased risk of various cancers, osteoarthritis and depression. By changing our lifestyle, regular exercise, selecting the right nutritious healthy food consisting of green leafy vegetables and the fruits one can afford, will bring a healthy change. Offering prayers five times a day will not only keep your body clean but it also results in every bogy organ being involved in exercise. If possible try to offer prayers in the Mosque whenever feasible, it will also provide you an opportunity for exercise.
Do not withhold food and every nutrition and always prefer freshly prepared food. Do you know that the animals from which we get meat is often injected with antibiotics and hormones? Most of the restaurants use meat, beef etc., which is frozen and during storage its taste and nutritional value is affected. Eating any food with guilt and stress results in emotional toxicity which is not good for health. The most common symptoms of toxic build up in the body include emotional stress, constipation, sluggishness, lack of motivation, strong food cravings, high sugar consumption besides unidentified illness which just lingers on. Using healthy diet will help build up your muscles leading to improved metabolism which then results in more energy burn before one even starts exercising. Spiritually healthy individuals are at peace with themselves, forgiving others will remove the weeds of destruction planted in your mind as seeds of negativity will result in a garden full of physical and mental diseases. Remember the nature of the weed is to grow aggressively even under extremely adverse circumstances even without proper nutrients and watering. It also destroys the healthy positive beliefs. Advise your patients to be in full control of their body as it is their greatest alley, their best friend and above all the vehicle for their soul and spirit. Hence instead of going for the diet pills, one should concentrate on healthy life style, selection of nutrient healthy foods, regular exercise and keeping away from the negative thoughts. Forget about the calories counts and live a normal life which will take care of your obesity as well as other problems associated with weight gain.

Tail Piece: Someone who is good at making excuses is seldom good for anything else and Fear is the most dangerous mindset of all.


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