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Shaukat Ali Jawaid

Targeted Killing of
Healthcare Professionals


During the last couple of years a large number of eminent healthcare professionals have become victim of target killing which has deprived the country of many well trained and talented doctors which is considered the real wealth of any country. Doctor’s community is very vulnerable and becomes easy target with the result that fearing for their security, many eminent physicians and surgeons have left the country thanks to the incompetent and inefficient rulers who seem to be least bothered except issuing statements. This madness must come to an end.

All those countries that have made tremendous progress have not only encouraged and honoured their talented professionals but also offered incentives to their countrymen serving overseas to come back and play a role in the development and progress of their motherland. Phenomenal growth and economic development of China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and India are just a few examples who have offered incentives to their citizens serving abroad to come back and contribute to the country’s economic development. On the other hand we have not only failed to do that but also failed to check this brain drain. Sometimes the target killers are arrested but since they are patronized by some corrupt politicians and organizations, they never get the punishment which encourages them to continue their criminal activities. When will the government wake up? The politics of reconciliation has encouraged criminal activities. If the professionals are worried, the businessmen are worried too and they are also reported to be taking out their investment which is a serious set back for the country.
Providing security is the responsibility of the State and if it fails to do that, it has no right to govern. We are now moving closer to the elections and it is hoped that the new political set up will give priority to improvement of law and order situation as well as exemplary punishment to those criminals involved in target killing. Not only these criminals but their patrons, protectors should also be held accountable and State must deal with them with an iron hand. Peace and improvement in the law and order situation is a key to economic growth and development, hence this should be first priority of the rulers.{jcomments on}

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