off record
Shaukat Ali Jawaid

How you would like
to be remembered?



All those healthcare professionals who are heading various medical institutions or occupying coveted positions in the health services must thank God Almighty for having provided them this opportunity and try to be of some help to their colleagues. One day they will have to call it a day, hence think for a while as to how they would like to be remembered?

First of fall they must be honest with themselves and make sure that they are performing their duties honestly for which they are paid for. Secondly how helpful they have been to others? How accessible they are to their colleagues and juniors?  Make sure that they uphold merit and professional ethics under all circumstances, neither favour anyone un-necessarily nor punish anyone or destroy their academic career. While making any selection, appointments or deciding for promotions, make sure that merit is upheld otherwise they will earn the title of an intellectually corrupt which is far serious than financial corruption as it results in irreparable damage to the institutions and organizations. Be kind and considerate to your colleagues and juniors, listen to their grievances and try to solve their problems if you can.

Medicine is a noble profession but unfortunately rampant unethical practices have turned it into a trade. Those infected with materialistic virus are bringing a bad name to this profession as a whole despite the fact that even today there is no dearth of God fearing, kind hearted physicians who not only believe but also practice ethical medicine. Try to become a Good Role Model for your juniors and colleagues so that you are remembered with good words otherwise, history is very cruel and it does not spare anyone and does full justice to every one. Hence, before going to bed at night every day, just pause for a while and think what Good you have done today? This self accountability will also help you to follow the Right path in your personal as well as professional journey. Be respectful to your seniors and respect your teachers. Always remember the Hippocratic Oath which you took at the time of Graduation in which “Do No Harm” stands very prominently. Hence those who close Out Patients Departments and Hospitals, deprive the ailing humanity from availing the healthcare facilities are neither doing any good to themselves, to the patients nor to the profession they have chosen. Those who are interested to make quick money should have opted for some other profession rather than Medicine. Every profession has its own callings, duties and responsibilities. Try to be a good human being, before being anything else. In case you have some genuine complaints, there are dignified ways of making a protest or bring it to the notice of the administration and authorities. There has to be a difference between the protest by educated professionals and other workers.

There have been tremendous developments in medicine during the last three four decades. There was a time Physicians and Surgeons thought they were quite competent to treat any disease but time changes and now we see a large number of sub-specialties have emerged and some of them have even further sub-specialization. Do not try to block the development of sub-specialties as this change is bound to take place irrespective of the fact whether you like it or not? No one can stop this change taking place, hence it is nice to be progressive and help development and promotion of all the disciplines and sub-specialties as the time come and the need arises rather then being known as the one who created problems and hindrances in the development medicine and sub-specialties. Those among the healthcare professionals, who tried to do this in the past, are not remembered with good words. Always practice what you preach and be punctual and disciplined if you demand others to be punctual and disciplined. 

During the last couple of years, there have been many incidents which have not helped to promote the image of the medical profession in the eyes of public. Keep yourself update, listen to the patients and do not rush to write the prescription and dispose off the patients. Practice rationale prescribing and do not indulge in un-necessary tests and investigations. Be mindful of the fact that your prescribing habits are not influenced by some monetary gains or unethical marketing practices by some of the unethical pharmaceutical companies. Look at the patient carefully before writing the prescription and prescribe those drugs which the patient can afford which are important for compliance with the therapy. Establish your integrity and credibility, money will run after you rather than you running after the money. However, it is essential that you do not look for short cuts, devotion, dedication and honesty always pays and pays in abundance.