DVAGO will never compromise on professional ethics to earn profits-Irfan Khan


 DVAGO will never compromise on professional
ethics to earn profits-Irfan Khan

We will uphold ethical values and provide efficient
quality service
 to eliminate medication errors 

KARACHI: DVAGO Pharmacy and Wellness Experts, a newly established Pharmacy Chain organized a Meet and Greet session at its head office recently which was very well attended by the representatives of the pharmaceutical trade industry. The objective was to announce the setting up of Pharmacy outlet at two private trust hospitals and apprise the participants of functioning of DVAGO and its accomplishments so far.

Speaking at the occasion Mr. Irfan A. Khan Chief Executive Officer and Director of DVAGO Pharmacy and Wellness Experts stated that they will never compromise on ethical practices for profits. We are determined not to compromise on ethical values and hope to extend our services to the underprivileged sections of the society as well. We can upgrade healthcare system and we have a passion to upgrade our systems as well. We wish to have and maintain long term relationship with the pharmaceutical trade and industry and we wish they will cooperate with us so that we can serve the nation providing quality drugs keeping up professional ethics. He assured the participants that they will never find them wanting in providing professional service. We have appointed professionally qualified pharmacists at our pharmacy outlets and they are constantly being trained. They welcome the guests and take extra care while providing the drugs as per doctor’s prescriptions. If they have any doubt, they do ask the patient about the illness and if need be the doctor who has written the prescription can also be contacted to ensure that correct drugs are provided. At times it is not easy to read the doctor’s handwriting and it needs extra care for which our pharmacists who serve at these pharmacy outlets are properly trained.

Mr. Roderick Bull Project Director of Usman Memorial Hospital speaking at the occasion said that the hospital was under renovation and up gradation and hopefully it will start functioning in January 2019.  We have established a Patients Welfare Fund to help the poor patients. We will maintain quality and international standards in patient care. Usman Memorial Foundation has already prepared a fifty years plan and keeping in view the future requirements the structural changes were being made in the hospital. We have a clear Road Map for the next fifty years. We will have state of the art Radiology and Pharmacy service as well. In the days to come we also intend to establish Primary Care Centers, medical school and may be a university as well. We have put lot of emphasize on quality and professionalism, he remarked.

Dr. Tufail Bawa Consultant at Usman Memorial Hospital and Bantva Hospital addressing the participants said that In-Hospital pharmacy is a very different thing as here you are responsible to meet the needs of the patients starting from drugs to other disposable items etc. DVAGO is a caring pharmacy service and we hope they understand the requirements of In-Hospital pharmacy service and they will come up to our expectations.

Medical errors, he further stated is a major cause of morbidity and mortality even in the developed world. Most of these medical errors are related to medication errors. We are seeing irrational use of antibiotics with the result that many potent antimicrobial agents have become resistance which eventually increases the cost of treatment manifold. These are some of the challenges we have to overcome. He advised DVAGO to keep good inventory even of the most consumable items apart from the drugs and medicines. Patients cannot afford to miss a dosage. They must ensure efficient service. We at the Usman Memorial Hospital, Dr. Tufail, hoped will have international benchmarks in the next five years. We do have plans of outsourcing some of our services but will ensure quality service. We will also keep an eye on your performance and quality check, he added.

Mr. Mazhar Siddiqi Director Operation’s Usman Memorial Hospital and Mr. Iqbal Adam Convener Bantva Hospital were also present on this occasion.  During the discussion Mr. Irfan said that they have made arrangements with some Pharmacy Schools to have fresh pharmacy graduates for training. We ensure that our pharmacists have a careful look at the prescription to eliminate medication errors. We will buy drugs form the top ranking companies as per IMS list and also provide them feedback. Every effort will be made to make available the required drugs but in case a few drugs in a prescription are not available at that particular time, we will make arrangements to deliver the remaining drugs at home of the patients. Responding to another question Irfan said that “We cannot do something for the doctors which some of the pharmaceutical companies can do or are doing”. Though we will have both retail and whole sale business at the same warehouse but we will make sure that there is no leakage. Our procurement will be largely on corporate basis. We have made good progress during the first few months of our operations but we know we have a long way to go for which we need help and assistance of everyone the pharmaceutical trade and industry, healthcare professionals and the society at large.

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