IDF Regional Council meeting during IDEC 2016 takes important decisions


 IDF Regional Council meeting during
IDEC 2016 takes important decisions

National Clinical Practice Guidelines prepared by BIDE likely
to form the basis for Regional Guidelines for MENA
Region after approval by Regional Council

KARACHI: One of the main session which was held during the IDEC-2016 conference held in Karachi from August, 19-21,2016 was the meeting of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Regional Council. It was held on August 20, 2016. IDF is the Global Association of over 170 countries and 225 Member Associations (MA’s) and the head office of IDF at Brussels, Belgium.

In 1982, it was felt necessary by the IDF Board of Directors, that in order to have proper and continued representation of the IDF MA’s from all over the world, regions should be created. This proposal was approved by the IDF Board of Directors and endorsed by the IDF General Assembly, the supreme body of IDF in the IDF Congress held in Madrid, Spain in 1985. This resulted in the creation of 7 regions and IDF MENA Region is one of the seven regions which as of today, consist of 22 countries and 26 MA’s. Each region is administratively governed by the regional council which is headed by the Chair and the Chair Elect, and depending on the number of paid members of each MA, the council member.

IDF Regional Council Meeting for MENA Region in progress during the International Diabetes,
Endocrine Congress 2016 organized by BIDE at Karachi from August 19-21st, 2016.

It is a matter of great pride for Pakistan that the first elected Chair of MENA Region in 1985 in Madrid, Spain was from Pakistan, the late Prof. Muhammad Kabir from Peshawar and the current Chair Elect of the IDF MENA Region is again from Pakistan, the renowned Diabetologist and Researcher, Prof. Abdul Basit.

Under the rules of IDF, only the Chair Elect is elected who takes over as Chair after completing two years as Chair-Elect. Likewise, IDF never elect its President. Only President Elect is elected who takes over as President of the IDF after the tenure of two years.

In the Regional Council Meeting, held in Karachi in August 2016, Dr. Nizar Albache from Syria, Chair IDF MENA Region and Prof. Abdul Basit from Pakistan, Chair-Elect, IDF MENA Region Chaired the meeting of Regional Council.

Some important decisions were taken during the meeting with relation to the prevention and cure of diabetes in different countries of the region. The Revised Edition of National Clinical Practice Guidelines were also presented in this meeting and it was decided unanimously that these guidelines will form the basis of the Regional Guidelines which are to be presented for consideration and approval by the IDF MENA Regional Council when it meets next in Khartoum, Sudan in Sudan International Diabetes Congress (SIDC) in December 2016.

Prof. A. Samd Shera Honorary President of IDF was elected as the chairman of the Regional Guidelines committee. On his recommendations Prof. Abdul Basit was nominated as the facilitator and Dr. Asher Fawwad from BIDE as coordinator of the IDF MENA Regional Guidelines Committee.