UHS Lahore planning to set up Dept. of Medical Journalism-Javed Akram


Graduates of First Batch of CME presented Certificates
UHS Lahore planning to set up Dept. of
Medical Journalism-Javed Akram
Former President PAME Prof.Maj.Gen. Muhammad
Aslam highlights responsibilities, key indicators of
medical universities to promote medical journalism

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LAHORE: University of Health Sciences Lahore is planning to establish a Dept.of Medical Journalism at its new campus for which an area of twenty four thousand Square feet has been allocated. It is planned to have a Professor, Associate Professor and lecturers in the Dept. which will of course take time as the faculty is not yet readily available. Hence to begin with we have appointed some senior medical editors as Adjunct Faculty to help us. This was stated by Prof. Javed Akram Vice chancellor UHS while speaking at the Certificates distribution Ceremony for the First Batch of Certificate in Medical Editing which the UHS had started last year. This also marked the beginning of the Second batch in CME. Former Vice Chancellor of UHS Prof. Maj. Gen. Muhammad Aslam who is also former President of Pakistan Association of Medical Editors was the chief guest on this occasion. The meeting was also attended by Prof. Jamshed Akhtar President PAME, the candidates of first batch and Second batch of CME besides some facilitators, Mentors of the course.

Prof. Javed Akram VC UHS presenting a memento to Prof. Maj.Gen.Muhammad Aslam
former VC UHS and former President of PAME who was the chief guest at the inauguration
ceremony of Second Batch of Certificate Course in Medical Editing being held at UHS on
October 7th 2020. Also see in the picture on extreme left is President PAME Prof. Jamshed
Akhtar and on extreme right Prof. Muhammad Akbar Chaudhry.

The medical editors who have been honoured with an appointment as Adjunct faculty include Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid Chief Editor Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences, Prof. Jamshed Akhtar Editor of Journal of CPSP, Prof.Akhtar Sherin Chief Editor Khyber Medical University Journal, Dr. Masood Jawaid Associate Editor Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences, Prof.Maj. Gen. Muhammad Aslam former VC UHS. Some more editors including from overseas are likely to be inducted in the days to come.

This course which is aimed at professional capacity building of the editors of biomedical journals is a joint project of UHS and PAME. Prof. Javed Akram further stated that it is unfortunate that we have just three medical journals with Impact Factor. We need to have more journals who can earn Impact Factor and all these efforts are directed towards achieving that goal. Editing a medical journal, he opined, is a full time job and it cannot be left to part time editors. It is a team work. We need to promote research culture in our medical institutions and also stressed on quality of research, better quality of papers and make sure that the research is converted into applied research. Promoting research culture and the art of medical writing and scientific publishing is a priority area for UHS as well as for Pakistan Society of Internal Medicine of which I am the current President. We also plan to publish the Journal of PSIM soon and hope it will be a good addition to the medical journals published in Pakistan. UHS is already publishing a Journal Biomedica for the last many years. Now we have a proper office for this and required staff is also being hired soon. He expressed the hope that BIOMEDICA will also emerge as one of the leading journals in Pakistan. He thanked Mr.Shaukat Ali Jawaid Coordinator for the Certificate Course in Medical Editing, President PAME Prof. Jamshed Akhtar and the PAME executive, members, facilitators and mentors of the course for their help and assistance to start this course hoping that soon the Module Two will be started. Eventually we wish to convert it into MSc course.

Some participants of the First and Second Batch of CME photographed along with Chief 
Guest Prof.M. Aslam, Prof. Javed Akram VC UHS, Prof.Jamshed Akhtar President PAME,
Prof.M.Akbar Chaudhry, Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid Course Coordinator, Participants,
Facilitators, Faculty Members after the inaugural session of the Second Batch of CME
at UHS on October 7th, 2020.

Prof. Maj. Gen. Muhammad Aslam in his speech thanked Prof. Javed Akram for providing the hardware to run this course and make it a reality. When I was the VC UHS I also planned to establish a Regional Office of Islamic Science Citation (ISC) and visited their head office at Shiraz in Iran. Later President of ISC alongwith his delegation also visited UHS and somehow no further progress could take place in this respect which needs to be looked into.

Continuing Prof. Aslam said that according to Bloom’s Taxonomy there are three bench marks namely Analysis, Synthesis and Evaluative Judgment which cannot be learnt in class rooms or bedside teaching. These benchmarks can be learnt by Research. Documentation of Research is Scientific Writing whereas value addition and verification of documented research is “Medical Editing”. Highlighting the key indicators or responsibilities of medical universities/institutions in promoting medical journalism, he mentioned the following:

  • To create research Temper
  • To formulate Research Agenda
  • To raise Funding for Research
  • Search the researchers
  • Arrange training for researchers.
  • Manage short courses, workshops and sabbaticals for researchers
  • Link and collaborate with Research Centers
  • Inculcate creative thinking and critical appraisal
  • Publish Journals of the University
  • Arrange research conferences, symposia, workshops
  • Support/allow researchers to present their work periodically at international forums.
  • Develop University and Industry linkages for commercialization of Research for Patents.
  • Develop a good animal care centre for pure research
  • Install anti-plagiarism software and formulate publication ethics.
  • Have State of the Art conventional and digital library.
  • Establish conference room with Video conference facility
  • Establish a good Information Technology Centre
  • Have a Publication Department
  • Arrange intellectual meetings with Think-Tanks.
  • Facilitate Multidisciplinary/Interdisciplinary/Trans disciplinary approaches in Research
  • Initiate Certificate/Diploma/Master/Doctoral Programs in Medical Journalism

Prof. M. Aslam along with Prof. Javed Akram VC UHS, Prof. M. Akbar Chaudhry and Prof.
Jamshed Akhtar President PAME presenting prizes to position holders during the test in
First Batch of CME Dr. Saima Chaudhry (First Position) Dr. Shamaila Mohsin (Second
Position) and Prof. S. H. Waqar (Third Position) at UHS on October 7th 2020. Prof. Col.
Alamgir who also shared the First position could not attend due to some professional
engagements at AMC.

He was happy to note that UHS was aware of its responsibilities and has taken a lead role to trigger postgraduate programme in Medical Editing the first of this kind in Pakistan for which the university leadership, facilitators and examiners besides the learners deserve a special tribute.

Earlier Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid Chief Editor of Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences who is also Secretary of Eastern Mediterranean Association of Medical Editors (EMAME) gave background of the course for which a proposal was made at EMAME conference in Bahrain in 2008 but the project was taken up during the discussions among the senior medical editors at EMAME conference held in Shiraz in 2015. Pakistan is the second country in EMRO Region and UHS has become the second medical university in the EMRO Region to have started this course in medical journalism. He thanked Prof.Maj. Gen.Aslam and Prof. Javed Akram as they had been helping to promote the art of medical writing and scientific publishing since many years and collaborating with PMJA later renamed as PAME. Later special prizes were presented to the position holders who secured more than 80% marks in the First course which included Dr.Saima Chaudhry from UHS and Prof. Col.Alamgir Khan from Army Medical College who shared the first position, Dr.Shamaila Mohsin also from Army Medical College who earned the second position and Prof. S. H. Waqar Editor Annals of PIMS who got third position. They all were presented prizes of Rs. twenty five thousand each which was sponsored by Atco Laboratories. Dr. Norri Kiran Haris from Aziz Fatima Medical & Dental College who is also affiliated with Journal of AFMDC was the proud recipient of Dr. Maqbool H. Jafary Scholarship of Rs. twenty five thousand for the Year 2020. The conference ended with the a group photograph of the first and second batch with the chief guest, VC UHS and facilitators, mentors who were present on this occasion. Certificates were also presented to the Facilitators and Mentors present on this occasion.

 Prof. Maj. Gen. Muhammad Aslam along with Prof. Javed Akram VC UHS, Prof. M. Akbar
Chaudhry and Prof. Jamshed Akhtar presenting Maqbool H. Jafary Memorial Scholarship
to Dr. Noori Kiran Haris from Journal of AFMDC Faisalabad during inauguration ceremony
of Second Batch of CME at UHS on October 7th, 2020.

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