Participants get an opportunity to see cutting edge surgery in colorectal diseases-Mumtaz Mahar


Surgical Week for Colorectal Diseases at JPMC

Participants get an opportunity to see 
cutting edge surgery in colorectal 
diseases- Mumtaz Mahar

Unique course with no Registration Fee consists 
of lectures, 
Interactive discussion, live 
surgery and consultant corner

KARACHI: Surgical Week for Colorectal Diseases being organized at country’s premier postgraduate medical center JPMC for the last twelve years provides a unique opportunity to the participants to see cutting edge surgery performed by world renowned Master Trainers. It is a unique course and learning opportunity which consists of lectures, interactive discussion, live surgery and consultant corner. This was stated by Prof. Mumtaz Mahar an eminent Laparoscopic, Colorectal Surgeon while speaking in the inaugural session of the four day course which started on October 8, 2018. As usual it attracted surgeons interested in colorectal surgery from all over the country. This year the Master Trainer is Dr. Francis Seow- Choen from Singapore while Prof. Roger Motson from UK is the clinical coordinator. Keeping up the past traditions, there is no Registration Fee though registration is mandatory for CME and this is one example where financial assistance from the pharmaceutical trade and industry is being judiciously used for the real academic purposes. 

Photographed during the inaugural session of Surgical Week for Colorectal Diseases held 
at JPMC from October 8-11th 2018 from (L to R) are Prof. Shamim Qureshi, Prof. Francis 
Seow- Choen from Singapore, Dr.Seemin Jamali Director JPMC, Prof. Roger Motson 
from UK and Prof. Mumtaz Mahar. Photo Courtesy Shamsuddin Qureshi.

Continuing Prof. Mumtaz Mahar said that it is the good fortune of the participants that when these renowned experts from all over the world travel to Pakistan to conduct this course, they do not have to travel abroad. He urged the participants to make full use of their presence, document what they learn as to what is latest in colorectal surgery. He thanked the visiting faculty for coming to Pakistan and the tremendous participation has added value to this academic activity. He commended Prof. Shamim Qureshi and his team which is organizing this academic activity for the last many years and this was the thirteen such courses.

Dr.Seemin Jamali Director of JPMC in his brief address welcomed the distinguished visitors from abroad and thanked them for their visit to Pakistan and JPMC. She commended the pioneering efforts of Prof. Mumtaz Mahar who started laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery in a public sector hospital many years ago while Prof. Shamim Qureshi and his team has as usual made elaborate arrangements for the course which deserve appreciation.

Earlier Prof. Shamim Qureshi in his introductory remarks gave historical background of the course and teaching, training facilities at Surgical Ward-2 of JPMC which he said has produced many renowned surgeons. He himself got training here in this unit. The objective of celebrating this surgical week is to see minimally invasive surgery and management of colorectal diseases. The Master Trainer for the current course Dr. Francis Seouw Choeu has trained a large number of surgeons and we are lucky to have him here along with Prof. Roger Motson from UK. As usual we have no registration fee and with the help of our corporate friends in the pharmaceutical industry we also provide free tea and lunch during the course which is beyond an imagination in the developed world. We are grateful to our friends in the industry for this help. He thanked his team and Director Dr. Seemin Jamali, Prof. Mumtaz Mahar for their patronage all these years and hoped this will continue in future as well. After the course, he hoped it will improve our practice in the field of colorectal surgery and thus benefit the patient. Prof. Iqbal Afridi Director of CME Programme at JPMC also briefly addressed the participants and thanked the visiting faculty.

During the four days course numerous topics in colorectal surgery will come under discussion in addition to live surgery performed by Dr.Francis Choeu for which arrangements have been made to show it live to the participants in the auditorium from the operation theatre.

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