Promotion of book reading habits, literary activities and culture will help overcome Terrorism


 Book Fair by Jahan-e-Maseeha Adbi Forum at Lahore

Promotion of book reading habits, literary activities
and culture will help overcome Terrorism

Book Fair attracts many Healthcare professionals
who buy books offered on concessional price

LAHORE: Promotion of book reading habits and other literary activities can get rid our society particularly the youth of guns, bullets and bombs used in terrorism and extremism. Both these menaces can be effectively wiped out from Pakistan encouraging culture of reading, holding book fairs and educating the masses. Pakistan needs to give emphasis on education which should be among our top priorities as it is essential for progress. These views were expressed by senior healthcare professionals, columnists and writers while speaking at the concluding session of a two-day book fair, titled “Read to lead”, which concluded here on September 10, 2017.

Hundreds of doctors along with their families, students and professors of medical varsities, teachers and common people visited the book fair, organized by Jahan-e-Maseeha Adbi Forum, who showed keen interest in books on history, literature, culture and various fields of medical profession.

Book Fair organized by Jahane Maseeha Adbi Forum at Lahore attracted a large number of healthcare professionals 
with family members and others. Photograph shows the visitors at the Book Fair busy buying |
books at a subsidized price.

According to the organizers of the event, thousands of books had been showcased at the book fair, the first of its kind in Lahore for healthcare professionals and claimed that a large number of doctors, both senior professors, consultants as well as young doctors and medical students visited the event on the first day of the event while around four hundred thousand books were purchased by them on highly discounted rates.

The book fair had been formally inaugurated by eminent poet and Director, Quaid-e-Azam Academy Khawaja Razi Haider on Saturday while its concluding ceremony was attended by senior columnists and writers including Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami, Sajjad Mir, Salman Ghani and others while many senior healthcare expert from King Edward Medical varsity, University of Health Sciences Lahore and PIMS Islamabad were also present on the occasion.

Senior journalist and Columnist Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami said our youngsters who had guns in their hands and were in the grip of extremism, need to read a lot and this habit of reading can only be promoted through regular holding of books fairs and literary activities. “When a youngster would read a book, he would reach to his own conclusions as he would know what happened in the past, what Quran and Sunnah says and when modern world is doing at the moment”, Mr. Shami said and lauded the JMAF and sponsor of the event, PharmEvo Pvt Ltd for promoting culture of books in the country.

Mr. Jamshed Ahmad COO PharmEvo, Mr. Sajjad Mir, Mr. Mujeeb Ur Rehman Shami the noted journalists and other
guests formally inaugurating the Book Fair organized by Jahane Maseeha Adbi Forum at Lahore recently.

Another senior writer and columnist Sajjad Mir said books were God’s tool of talking to human beings as it was the most effective way of communication to people and guiding generations after generations as knowledge never ends or fades. “There is no substitute of books in terms of learning and understanding as knowledge can be best transmitted through books and nothing else. Allah Almighty spoke to his creatures in form of written words”, he maintained.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PharmEvo Pvt Ltd, Jamshed Ahmed in his speech on the occasion commended the visit of hundreds of senior physician at Book Fair and praised them. Holding such literary activities was very heartening for them and vowed that they would hold such fairs in other cities of the country.

Prominent healthcare professionals who visited the Book Fair included Prof. Ali Java from PIMS, Dr. Ziaullah Bajwa, Dr. Tariq Mian, Prof. Irshad Hussain, Dr. Abbass Raza from Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital Lahore, Prof. Saqib Shafi, Prof. Seemi Hussain, Prof. Imran Afzal, Prof. Kashif Ayub, Prof. Arshad Chohan and several others.(PR)

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