ICU Patient Care and Infection Control by Dr. Moazzam Baig Mirza


 Book Review

ICU Patient Care and Infection
Control by Dr. Moazzam Baig Mirza

This informative book provides practical guidelines in
the management of serious patients with
multidisciplinary pathologies

LAHORE: Dr. Moazzam Baig Mirza FRCP a noted Consultant Physician with special interests in Diabetes and Cardiology has published the Second Revised Edition of his book “ICU Patient Care and Infection Control” recently. This book was first published in 2007 which was very well received. This encouraged the author to revise, update and publish the second edition. This book provides very useful information to manage and improve patient care in Intensive Care Units as well as control infections. It provides sufficient background knowledge and practical guidelines in the management of serious patients with multidisciplinary pathologies. As stated earlier, it is the expanded, updated and revised version of the First Edition.

As pointed out by the author himself in the preface, in Pakistan, there is no clear division between Coronary Care Units and Intensive Care Units in smaller cities and at District Hospitals. The book has been divided into various sections. Infections related  and ICU Care  is covered in numerous chapters some of which include establishment and functional policy of ICU, prevention of infections, management of serious body infections, different procedures performed in the Intensive Care Units, Interpretation of laboratory results in different clinical settings, assisted ventilation, analgesia in ICU, how to manage serious medical emergencies, pre-operative cardiac evaluation, pain management, ethics related issues and medico legal issues, how to proceed in End of life care, different ICU related protocols besides Nurse order charts. This can be an extremely useful reference book in any ICU which those working there i.e. doctors, residents, nurses and even consultants will find very helpful and informative. It will also be extremely helpful to young postgraduates and ICU nurses in preparing for their exams.

The book consists of twenty five chapters each covering an important area. These include  ICU functioning, Prevention of infections and Waste Disposal, Procedures, Blood, Gases and Biochemical/Fluids Interpretation, Clinical Problems related to respiratory system and use of analgesia/sedation,  Severe body infections, Septicemia Management, Choice of antibiotics and Shock Syndrome, Commonly used IV Cardiac and other drugs,  Cardiac arrhythmias and others; Syncope, Pacemakers, Drug interactions, Cardiac problems Diagnostics, Drug Procedures and Management, Assessment and Evaluation of cardiac patients  undergoing non-cardiac surgery and other procedures,  Kidney related problems, Liver and Gastrointestinal problems, Diabetes Mellitus, Metabolic Syndrome, Endocrine disorders and emergencies, Central Nervous System related  medical problems, Febrile illnesses, Blood related diseases, Connective Tissue Disorders, Rheumatological Emergencies, Nerve and Neuromuscular disorders, Pain Management, CPR, Emergency Codes, Criteria of  Brain Death, Ethics and Medico legal issues besides End of life decisions, role of imaging facility in ICU, Laboratory tests and their interpretations, Medical ICU Functioning Protocols and Nursing Charts,.

Lt. Gen. Syed Muhammad Imran Majeed Vice Chancellor of National University of Medical Sciences a noted Consultant Cardiologist and Cardiac Electro physiologist has written the Foreword to the Second Edition. Practice of critical care medicine Dr. Imran Majeed states places the most imposing challenges in healthcare set up all-around the world. Dr. Moazzam Baig Mirza has shared his life long experience to ensure cost effective care of these patients particularly in resources constraint environment. Medical students, nursing students and medical practitioners all will get useful guidelines. His emphasis on practical aspects Gen. Imran Majeed further states will make it an essential ready reference text which should be made available in all the healthcare facilities particularly those having Intensive Care Units.

Text in the book has been supplemented with highly informative Tables and Illustrations to convey the message effectively. It also contains details of various important international trials in Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Renal and Lipids. Abbreviations used and the Index has also been added at the end of the book which the readers will find very helpful. Dr. Moazzam Baig Mirza has dedicated this book to his late parents, loving family members and his patients.

This 503-page Book has been published by Paramount Books (Pvt) Ltd. Price Rs. 1495/- Available from Paramount Books 152/O Block-2, PECHS, Karachi. Phone: (92-21) 34310030