Obese people are predisposed to many medical disorders


World Obesity Day meeting at Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences

Obese people are predisposed
to many medical disorders

KARACHI: To celebrate World Obesity Day, a seminar was organized jointly by Sir Syed Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology, Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences, Karachi and Karachi Central Lions Club on October 29th 2014. Irshad Ansari, District Governor of Lions Club International, was the chief guest while Dr. Moin-ud-din Sheikh was the guest of honor on this occasion. The speakers included Prof. Zaman Sheikh, Dr. Shabeen Naz Masood and Dr. Zsuzsanna Fajscek.

Speaking on the occasion Prof. Zaman Sheikh emphasized the need of doing daily physical exercise in the form of daily brisk morning walk for at least 30 minutes, use of healthy diet, lose excessive body weight and to avoid smoking. People with central obesity, he said, are predisposed to many diseases. Referring to the Nurses Health Study he said that it showed that more obesity was associated with more diabetes. Talking about medical complications of obesity he mentioned gall bladder disease, PCOS, stroke, cataract, osteoarthritis, gout, cancer, severe pancreatitis, hypertension etc. Obese people are also known to take more sick leaves. He laid stress on having healthy snacks, increased use of vegetables, fruits which should be taken in raw form not juice. Children should be advised to walk, spend more time in play grounds rather than seeing Television from where they learn violence. One should use more water, low calorie milk, yogurt. We must promote sustainable behaviour in the community. Sugar, salt and fine Atta are known as three poisons which should be avoided. Weight control, he emphasized, is a journey and not a destination.


Prof. Moin, Prof. Zaman Sheikh, Zsuzsanna Fajscek, Dr. Shabeen Naz Masood and Irshad Ansari
from Lions Club speaking at the World Obesity Day seminar organized jointly by Sir Syed Institute
of Diabetes and Endocrinology, Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences, Karachi and
Karachi Central Lions Club on October 29th 2014.

Dr. Shabeen Naz Masood in her presentation said that that we are facing the tsunami of obesity worldwide. According to estimates in Pakistan every 1 in 4 persons is obese. She also mentioned an “obesity frame’ that are waist, weight and height. We should consume maximum 1800-2000 calories/day. She also advised brisk walking minimum 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner. By brisk walk she meant, 100 steps per minute for females and 120 steps per minute for males. Central obesity, she said, is a major problem. While measuring waist hip ratio, female should have 32 inches while male can have up to 35 inches which is ideal. Every five feet tall man should have a weight of 106 Kg and women with five feet height should have 105 kg body weight. For every additional inch in height female should add five pounds and male can add up to six pounds to the body weight, to have an ideal body weight, she added.
Dr. Zsuzsanna Fajscek talked about preventing disease by promoting healthy diet. She also referred to genetic susceptibility, reduced physical exercise, chronic degenerative diseases, depression, metabolic syndrome, heart diseases and inability to manage food calories as some of the causes leading to obesity. The media and parenting can play an important role in prevention of obesity along with behavioural modification, proper nutrition and physical activity. Local culture, environment in which we live has its own effect. One has to be conscious of family and friends, do not insist on having more food, change the habits, culture and health. Changing the culture of fast food practices will be very useful and effective in controlling obesity. She opined that let us spend more time in play grounds instead of going to hospitals. One can regulate blood pressure, decrease sugar load by changing eating habits. She also emphasized the importance of blood sugar regulation through nutrition.

She also highlighted the role of physical exercise, proper sleep, balanced diet, meditation and relaxation in reducing excessive body weight. Integrated modification behavioral approach is needed more in our society. She underscored the role of parents to encourage their children to have more outdoor physical activities and games. She concluded her presentation by stating that we have to make conscious choice between habits, culture or health.

Lion Irshad Ansari highlighted the role of Lions Club internationally and its philanthropist contribution to the humanity. She emphasized that fight against obesity should go on throughout the years and more awareness is needed to curb this disease which is until now considered only lifestyle. Earlier Prof. Zaman Sheikh Director of Sir Syed Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology highlighted the objectives of establishment of this institute. He said that prime objective was to cater the patients with diabetes and hormone diseases with standard treatment in a cost effective manner.

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