Lack of health education aggravates problems faced by the rural population


 Over 200 patients examined at Medical Camp by MSEWT

Lack of health education aggravates
problems faced by the rural population

Uncontrolled Hypertension, Uncontrolled Diabetes,
Hepatitis, Dyspepsia and joint pains are quite common

BUREWALA: Over two hundred patients were examined at Free Medical Camp organized by Mohammad Shafi Education and Welfare Trust (MSEWT) at Chak No. 409 EB, Tehsil Burewala District Vehari on September 21-22nd 2017. Dr. Musarrat Riaz Consultant Diabetologist and Endocrinologist at Baqai Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology, Baqai Medical University examined these patients during two and a half day with the assistance of local support staff. Most of the patients attending the camp were uncontrolled hypertension, uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, Hepatitis, Dyspepsia, joint pains while a few also complained of allergy, pruritus, generalized body pain and weakness etc.

 The disease pattern is the same which is seen at this camp which is being organized regularly for the last few years. Noncompliance with drug therapy is one of the main reasons for uncontrolled high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus. Some known diabetics who have been prescribed Insulin therapy, tend to use insulin irregularly and that too in sub-optimal dosage. Generally it is the lack of health education which aggravates the medical disorders which most of these rural patients suffers. Though some of the patients and their families may be owners of a few acres of land but generally they have a desire to get the drugs and medicines free.  They seldom realize the importance of consultation but are keen to get free drugs.

During the camp, a vast majority of the patients were provided free drugs and medicines besides health education and screening. Each and every patient had their blood pressure checkup while on first day the facility of blood glucose measurement was also made available. A few cases of primary infertility, menstrual disorders, deafness, low back pain, fungal disorders, fever, ulcer, pain in knee joints were also noticed. Some of these patients were advised to consult concerned specialists. The patients were asked not to discontinue drugs unless advised by the physician.  Failure to continue drug therapy, they were told, could lead to serious complications like heart attack and stroke with severe disability. Patients on Insulin therapy were advised to use appropriate dose as prescribed by the treating physician and get the dose adjusted during regular follow up. Some of the diabetics were informed that their diabetes will not be controlled on oral drugs; hence it is important that they switch over to insulin therapy as soon as possible.  Patients with uncontrolled hypertension were informed that they must consult their doctor who might change their drugs as sometimes more than one or two drugs are needed to control hypertension.  Now even fix dose combinations are available which reduced the number of tablets they have to take which improves compliance with drug therapy. It was felt that there is an urgent need to create awareness about management of diseases through health education and highlighting the importance of early identification of those who suffer from Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus so that they can start treatment before it is too late.

Visits to Higher Secondary and Primary Schools

On September 23rd, in the morning a visit to the local Higher Secondary School was organized. During a meeting with the Head Master and other teachers, some of the minor requirements were met by providing water coolers for all the classes. Free uniforms arranged by the teaching staff for poor students were also presented to the deserving children. It was also announced that from the next year, the students who earn First position in Primary examination, Class 8th, 9th and 10th will be offered special onetime scholarship.  This facility will be continued for the next five years. The scholarship money will be Rs. Five thousand for first position in Class X, Rs. Three thousand for First position in Class IX, Rs. Two thousand for First position in Class VIII and Rs. One thousand for first position in primary class. The Headmaster and other teachers were also assured that the Trust will try to meet their minor demands in future as well as usual. It was fascinating to note that the School has a very well equipped Computer Library. The MSEWT had earlier provided a dozen ceiling fans for various classes as well as twelve water coolers two years ago.

Later a visit was organized to the Primary  Girls School where as usual special gifts were presented to all the students who secured First, Second and Third position in every class starting from Nursery to Primary class. The remaining children were also provided some gifts.  As desired by the teaching staff, they were also provided a Pedestal Fan, four Wall Clocks for different classes while teachers were also presented Gifts. From next year special onetime scholarships for those who secure First Position in Class Three, Four and Five will also be presented. At both the schools Mr. Abdul Majeed an elder from the village was also present who was the chief guest while Master Mohammad Arshad who is Secretary of the Trust presented the Gifts among the students of the Primary School. Annual   Visits to both these schools and presentation of Gifts is a regular feature by the Trust and an effort is made to help them as far as possible within the meager resources available with the Trust established by the children of late Ch. Mohammad Shafi which also provides an opportunity to retain their links with their ancestral village.

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