80-Bed Foundation Hospital Rajana providing specialized care at subsidized cost offers a ray of hope for poor patients in the area


 80-Bed Foundation Hospital Rajana providing
specialized care at subsidized cost offers a ray
of hope for poor patients in the area

From our Correspondent

TOBA TEK SINGH: Eighty-Bed Foundation Hospital Rajana is a project of Pakistan International Foundation which is working for the Better Healthcare and Education. This was the brain child of Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar a Pakistani businessman settled in UK who also served as Governor of Punjab in the recent past. This healthcare facility has come as a great blessing for  providing  specialized healthcare facilities to the people in this area who are especially poor, non-affording belonging to the lower middle class segments of the society.

A view of the Foundation Hospital Rajana in Toba Tek Singh District.

The hospital was established in 2005-2006 and it opened its door to the patients on February 21st 2006.  It offers round the clock emergency care and twenty four hour facilities of labour room. Specialized care is available in a number of disciplines of medicine either through full time staff or through visiting consultants. The specialties which are covered include surgery, obstetrics and Gynaecology, medicine, Paediatrics, ophthalmology, anesthesia, ENT, Dermatology, Dental Surgery, orthopedics, cardiology, neurosurgery and psychiatry. In addition it is self-sufficient in diagnostic facilities with pathology laboratory functioning round the clock. Facilities of endoscopy and laparoscopy are also available. Radiology department has X-Ray and Ultrasound facilities. Hospital also has a Pain Clinic, Ambulance Service, TB-DOTS programme, free drug bank.  Operation Theatre is available twenty four hours while 24-Hour Pharmacy service is also available. The hospital also organizes Free Medical Camps in remote areas.

A visit to the Hospital last week on an invitation of Prof. Altaf Hussain Rathore, Consultant Surgeon at this healthcare facility was a fascinating experience. The hospital has three well equipped Operation Theaters with state of the art equipment and instruments, two major OTs and one operation theater for Eye and ENT in addition to Labour Room where Women Medical Officer is always available. Daily bed charges are Rs. 600/- per day and free drugs and medicines are provided to the deserving patients through Zakat Funds.  Medical Officer charges Rs. 50/- while consultant’s fee is Rs. 150/-.  The consultants see about fifty to fifty five patients during the day while in the evening the consultants are allowed private practice where they charge Rs. 400/- as consultation fee which is also shared with the hospital.

There are sixteen beds in the emergency and twenty Baby cots in the Nursery where most of the low birth babies are managed. The hospital offers various packages for surgical procedures which are Rs. 9,000/- for major surgery, Rs.7, 000/- for routine surgical procedures and Rs. 4,500/- for minor surgical procedures. The hospital has provided sitting place for the patient’s attendants near the hospital mosque.  Provision of residential accommodation to the medical staff ensures that they are readily available when their services are needed. It has also Bachelors Hostel and Nurses Hostel. It has its own inclinator for hospital waste management. There are six private rooms in the hospital for which it charges Rs. 2,500/- per day for two beds in the air-conditioned room. In order to manage the electric problem and load shedding, the hospital has its own three Generators of 100,150 and 250 KVs.  Another 330 KV Generator will be installed shortly.

About six thousand patients visit this hospital every month. Before the establishment of this Hospital   the death rate of mother and child during childbirth was very high. Most of these patients used to die on their way to the hospitals keeping hope of life and recovery in their eyes.  Hence, Foundation Hospital Rajana has come as a ray of hope for the poor deserving  patients in this area where they are able to get specialized care at highly subsidized cost  which is available  even free of cost for the poor and needy patients. Hospital pharmacy makes available all the required drugs but a Free Drug Bank is also available at the hospital for the poor in the OPD as well as to those patients who are hospitalized. Registration Fee is just Rs. Ten and they get medicines for at least the whole week. Yet another unique feature of this hospital is that it has registered many TB patients in the TB-DOTs Programme who have now become a source of earning and satisfaction for their families. Dr. Mian Zeeshan Omar is the Medical Superintendent who is a Medical Specialist.

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