PHL to start Certificate course in Management of Hypertension for Family Physicians


 PHL to start Certificate course in Management
of Hypertension for Family Physicians

KARACHI: Pakistan Hypertension League has decided to start Certificate Course in Management of Hypertension and the first course is scheduled to begin from March 10th 2018. It will consist of ten modules, classes will be held on every Saturday between 3-5 PM.  Ninety minutes presentation will be followed by interactive discussion.

The formal inauguration ceremony of the course was   held at PHL office on Sunday February 18th which was also attended by some of the faculty members which included Prof. Ejaz Ahmad Vohra, Prof. M. Ishaq, Prof. Mansoor Ahmad, Prof. Feroze Memon, Dr. Ishtiaq Rasool, Dr. Najma Patel, Dr. Farooq Fawad, Dr. Rashid Khan and others.

Briefing the participants on the salient features of this course, Prof.M.Ishaq General Secretary of PHL said that the curriculum is approved by the International Society of Hypertension from whom they have got it. We will make some changes and modification. Prof.Khalida Soomro one of the faculty members will make some additions regarding Hypertension in Woman and Dr. Najma Patel will add issues related to Hypertension in Children. At present sixteen members of the faculty have been identified. The course fee will be Rs. 5,000/- At the end of the course, there will be an evaluation and those who qualify will be given a certificate. The faculty members will provide highlights of the presentations to the participants a few days earlier. He thanked M/s PharmEvo who have extended their valuable help and assistance in starting this course.

Prof. Ejaz Ahmad Vohra who was chief guest on this occasion congratulated Prof. Ishaq and PHL and said that such academic activities were the real objectives of PHL.  Starting this course was a bit too late and it should have been started soon after the formation of PHL. He further stated that we need to educate all the healthcare professionals including nurses, technicians how to take the blood pressure. The doctors should check the BP of patients coming to them with whatever complaints. He advised that the Family Physicians should register families, charge them annual fee and then the follow up will be better and registered family members will not to hesitate to come to them when they know that they do not have to pay their fee at every visit. This concept needs to be popularized. The registered families should be provided care for some non-communicable diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension etc., and the patients can get the investigations done and buy the medications. Many patients, he said, give up medication and suffer from serious complications.

During the discussion it was also highlighted that the healthcare professionals in general and doctors in particular should be advised to uphold professional ethics, practice ethical medicine, practice rational prescribing keeping in view the patient’s financial position. Failure to buy drugs which are expensive was one of the reasons for non-compliance with drug therapy. Hence it is essential that doctors prescribe cost effective drugs which the patient can afford rather than pleasing the pharmaceutical companies for gaining personal benefits. It must also be ensured that the course participants are willing participants who are keen to learn and improve their professional capabilities. Prof. Feroze Memon suggested that other chapters of PHL should also be allowed to start such certificate courses. Prof. Ishaq agreed and said we will do that but let us first start the course here and see how it works.

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