First do no harm Policy should be adopted by Healthcare providers- Dr. Saeed Minhas


 Otsuka awareness campaign against Hepatitis

First do no harm Policy should be adopted
by Healthcare providers- Dr. Saeed Minhas

Govt. should adopt friendly policy towards Pharma Industry
and address its genuine grievances. Mr. HanifSattar

KARACHI: First do no harm policy should be adopted by our healthcare providers especially in emergency and accidental cases which aggravate the condition of the patients if not managed properly.  Healthcare professionals including nurses and paramedics needs to be constantly reminded to uphold professional ethics. Safety of the patients should be our first priority and each one of us should try to do our best to come up to the patients expectations. Otsuka has a very long association with the medical profession and its efforts to create awareness against hepatitis spread are indeed commendable. This was stated by Dr. Saeed Minhas,Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre Karachi. He was performing the Otsuka Lucky draw in connection with their on-going campaign against Hepatitis spread, at a meeting held at Otsuka Head office on February 23, 2016.

Dr. Saeed Minhas, Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at JPMC Karachi
performing the Otsuka Lucky draw held at Otsuka Head office on
February 23, 2016. Picture also shows Mr. Hanif Sattar CEO of
Otsuka Pakistan, Mr. Habib Navaid Senior Director Marketing and
other senior
executives from Otsuka Pakistan.

Continuing Dr. Saeed Minhas saidthat as the time passed new developments are taking place and we should be aware of it. Our nurses and paramedics in particular need to be reminded again and again about the safe practices regarding the use of Intravenous Infusions so that it becomes a routine practice.Lot of awareness has been created but still lot more efforts are needed to change the habit of pricking which is still very commonly seen in our healthcare facilities. He was of the view that it is the duty of the senior healthcare professionals to contribute in this regard and share their knowledge and experience with others so that the younger generation of doctors, nurses and paramedics are better prepared to effectively manage the patients which will go a long way in improving patient care.

Mr. Hanif Sattar Chief Executive Officer of Otsuka Pakistan who is also  Chairman South Zone of Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Association (PPMA)  speaking at the occasion urged the  Government   to adopt  friendly policy with the Pharma Industry and address  their genuine grievances at the earliest.Pharma industry in Pakistan,he remarked, was the most over regulated sector and it does not help anyone, neither the industry nor the consumer.   It is becoming very difficult to survive for the companies who follow strict quality control and has spent huge amounts to provide quality products. If reasonable price increase is not allowed, many companies will be forced to close down their business which will render thousands of people jobless, he added.Lot of investment has been made by Otsuka Pakistan to upgrade its manufacturing facility to provide quality products. We follow the strict quality control which is monitored by Otsuka Japan on regular basis. On one hand Government ask  for the quality products  while at the time of  price increase they are least  bothered  to  keep in mind the cost involved to maintaining quality and there is no  price differentiations between quality conscious and  other companies, he added.

Earlier Mr. Mooinuddin Ansari, Product Manager of Otsuka Pakistan highlighted the activities of Otsuka Pakistan to create awareness about Hepatitis spread using electronic and print media among the public and healthcare professionals. Syringe cutters were also provided in various hospitals of the country to discard the used syringes besides Hepatitis Screening Camps programs for Nurses on Nurses Day and printed material for healthcare providers regarding safety measures for needle stick Injuries. Every month sixteen lucky winners are selected through lucky draw from hundreds of entries received.  Dr. Jameel Akhtar from her Pau colony, Karachi was the lucky winner for the month of February 2016. Mr. Hanif Sattar Chief Executive Officer of Otsuka Pakistan, Mr. Habib Navaid Senior Director Marketing, Mr. Khalid Munir Business Unit Head, Mr. Muhammad Ashraf RSM and some other senior executives from Otsuka were also present on this occasion.