Biomedical Journals are important to publish research and disseminate outcome of research to have some impact


EMMJ6 Medical Journals Conference at Shiraz Iran

Biomedical Journals are important to publish
research and disseminate outcome of
research to have some impact

WHO EMRO collaboration with EMAME is to ensure capacity
building of Editors and its positive outcome is visible-Jihane Tawilah

Salient features of the conference included innovative
topics for plenary sessions, unique subjects for panel
discussion and interactive Workshops

From our correspondent

SHIRAZ (IRAN): Eastern Mediterranean Association of Medical Editors (EMAME) organized its EMMJ6 Medical Journals Conference here from February 18-20, 2015 which attracted distinguished medical editors from the region.  It was organized in collaboration with Iranian Society of Medical Editors, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Islamic World Science Citation Center, WHO EMRO, Pakistan Associaton of Medical Editors (PAME) and Asia Pacific Association of Medical Editors (APAME).  Some of the unique features of this conference were innovative topics for plenary sessions and panel discussions, honouring the distinguished editors from the region, institution of Young Investigator’s Award and Workshops on topics which were never covered in the past.

Prof. Farhad Handjani, Prof. of Dermatology at Shiraz University of Medial Sciences and President Elect of EMAME was the chairperson of the organizing committee while another distinguished editor Dr. Farrokh Habibzadeh former President of World Associaton of Medical Editors (WAME) who is also Chief Editor of International Journal of Environment and Occupational Medicine was the chairperson of the scientific committee who did a commendable job. Despite the fact that the organizers got just two months time but  both Prof. Farhad and Dr. Farrokh Habibzadeh along with their teams were able to put up a good show and had made excellent arrangements for the conference held at the National Library Convention Center.

Some of the delegates who attended the EMMJ6 Medical Journals conference held at Shiraz Iran
from February 18-20, 2015 photographed with the members of the organizing committee
and Executive Committee members of EMAME.

In the inaugural session after a brief welcome address by Dr. Mohammad Hadi Imanieh Chancellor of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Ms Jahan Tawilah WHO/EMRO Representative in Iran read the message from the WHO Regional Director who asked the researchers and editors to focus on priority areas. Statistical data, it was sated, is extremely vital for planning. If both the number of births and deaths and cause of death are not known, planners are in a dilemma. One cannot plan for health services if there is no data. Biomedical journals, it was further stated are important to publish research and disseminate the outcome of research.  If out come of research does not reach the audience and planners, it will have no impact. Editors,  the WHO Director General’s message said,  are guarantors of publications. They must practice peer review system and uphold professional ethics and standards in research publications.

WHO it was further stated continues to support medical journals in the region. It has established IMEMR the regional database and at present about six hundred biomedical journals from the region some of which are not being published regularly are covered in this index. WHO EMRO is collaboration with the EMAME to ensure professional capacity building of the Editors and its positive results are now visible. There are some challenges which will always exist and it was up to EMAME to tackle these challenges in collaboration with the National Associaton of Medical Editors in different countries. EMAME the WHO Director General hoped will play an important role in bridging the gap between research publications besides promoting and supporting good publication practices.

A video recorded message from Dr. Maqbool H. Jafary President of EMAME who could not attend due to health reasons, was shown to the participants. He pointed out that while medical editors and their national associations have been quite active in Iran and Pakistan, there has been no academic activity in other countries in the region which needs to be looked into. He hoped that under the dynamic leadership of the new President Prof. Farhad Handjani, EMAME will make tremendous progress.

Others who briefly addressed in this session included  Syed Bashir Hashemi Vice Chancellor of Research at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences,  Prof. Karim, Vessal,  Farrokh Saidi Prof. Emeritus of Surgery, Prof. Farhad Handjani and Dr. Farrokh Habibzadeh. Scientific programme of the conference was spread over ten sessions, Panel discussion on Networking and collaboration to improve Health Publications moderated by Prof. Farhad Handjani, Predatory, Open Access, Bogus Journals in the Region and the World which was moderated by Dr. Farrokh Habibzadeh besides poster presentations. There were two parallel workshops on the first day on Journal Metrics, Scientometrics and Altmetrics, Tools for Improving and Increasing Journal s Visibility and Impact which was conducted by Dr. Payam Kabiri from Tehran University of Medical Sciences Iran and Sustainable Bilingual Journal Publication: The Design of translation an quality control process, including cost considerations by Mary Ellen Kerans from Spain. On the last day Prof. M.B.Rokni from Tehran University of Medical Sciences conducted the workshop on How to Index a Journal in an International Indexing Systems while the other workshop was conducted by Karen Shashok from Spain and Elise Langdon-Neuner from Austria and the title was Common Mistakes in English.  A nine member delegation from Pakistan participated in the congress and actively participated in the scientific programme.