International Conference on Medical Writing at Ajman UAE from March 5-7, 2015


Joint venture by EDC, WAME, EMAME, EMWA

International Conference on Medical Writing
at Ajman UAE from March 5-7, 2015

AJMAN (UAE): Center for Diabetes Education (EDC) USA in collaboration with   World Associaton of Medical Editors (WAME) Eastern Mediterranean Associaton of Medical Editors (EMAME) and European Medical Writers Associaton (EMWA) is organizing the 2nd international conference on Medical writing at Ajman from March 5-7th 2015.  The main objective of the meeting are encouraging research into medical editing, developing world wide standards for medical editing, providing educational workshops and meetings in various parts of the world besides fostering regional development of medical editor groups says a communication received from Dr. Mahmood Ibrahim, Director, EDC, Center for Diabetes Education who is the chief organizer of this academic activity.

According to the preliminary programme the topics  which are going to be discussed during the conference include  Basics and advances of statistics in Medicine by Tom Lang from USA,  Writing a Programme for Diabetes Screening by Jaakko Toumilehto from Finland, Workshop on Publication Ethics  for which facilitators include Tom Lang from USA and Farhad Handjani from Iran.  Earlier Dr. Mahmoud Ibrahim from USA will make a presentation on Learn how to benefit form the services of WAME, EMAME and EMWA.

Prof. Farhad Handjani will speak on Informed consent, assent, institutional review boards, patient confidentiality, animal research and trial registration while Tom Lang will be discussing Authorship, Plagiarism, Duplicate Publication, Divided Publication, Image Manipulation, Framing, and Predatory Open Access Journals.  Julia Donnelly from UK will discuss Creating an impact with posters, How to Write a Good Poster in the training session. The Impact of medical publication on science, doctor’s career and the Pharma industry will be covered in another session. Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid Chief Editor of Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences will make a presentation on Scientometrics, Impact Factor, and H.Index. This session will also cover view points of an Editor and an Author.

Paolo Pozzilli from Italy will cover pros and cons of peer reviewing, new evidence, Medical Journalism, difficulties and opportunities, the views of the Pharma industry.  Key issues to consider before paper submission, how editing improves the quality of manuscripts, Different types of articles and Tips to get your paper published will be discussed by Tom Lang from USA. Amy Fischl from USA will be speaking on Writing in the field of Nutrition: Health Care Providers and the Lay people.

Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid from Pakistan in his second presentation talk about how to write Medico Legal Reports. Alain Golay from Switzerland will cover Writing in Medical Education, how to fulfill the inter personal needs. In the second training session, How to write a good poster and case studies will be discussed by Julia Donnelly from UK.  There will be a special panel discussion on Online Health Information which will be chaired by Tom Lang from USA. The panelists include Julia Don, Farhad Handjani from Iran, and Shaukat Ali Jawaid from Pakistan and Gamela Nasr from Egypt. The topics likely to be covered in this session include WHO Code of Ethics, Minimal technical skills, Proper Indexing, Open Access manuscripts, Skills of Searching Online Databases, How to Manage the search engines.