Already published research will not be considered for Research Awards- Prof. Abdul Basit


 Already published research will not be considered
for Research Awards- Prof. Abdul Basit

Health RAB signs MOU with Pakistan Cardiac Society
the 3rd Cardiology Research Award

FAISALABAD: Pakistan Cardiac Society (PCS) and Health Research Advisory Board (Health RAB) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the 3rd Cardiology Research Award at the 48th Annual Conference of Pakistan Cardiac Society to be held in Multan in November this year. Young cardiologists would be given cash prizes on their research in the field. Salient features of this Cardiology Research Award were highlighted by Prof. Abdul Basit Vice President Health RAB along with Prof. Naeem Aslam President Pakistan Cardiac Society, Prof. Feroze Memon and Prof. Haroon Babar who will be the chief organizer of the forthcoming cardiac conference at a press briefing during the Pakistan Hypertension League annual symposium on February 24, 2018.

Responding to a question Prof. Basit clarified that already published research work will not be considered for these Research Awards. Moreover, only young researchers up to the level of Assistant Professors, Registrars and Postgraduates are eligible to take part in this competition. In order to promote research culture, Health RAB Prof. Basit said has already established Clinical Research Centers at twelve medical institutions all over the country. Replying to yet another question Prof. Basit said that great care will be taken to ensure that those selected to evaluate the posters submitted in this competition do not have any conflict of interest and none of their close relatives is participating in the competition. It was also pointed out that heart diseases, obesity and diabetes mellitus are increasing in the country and becoming an epidemic, hence we urgently need to undertake some preventive strategies including life style modifications, use of healthy diet, reduction of weight, regular exercise and taking care of other known risk factors.

Prof. Abdul Basit along with Prof. Feroze Memon, Prof. Naeem Aslam President PCS & Prof. Babar
addressing a press conference during the PHL Symposium to highlight the salient features of
Cardiology Research Award by Health RAB which will be presented to the best posters at the
forthcoming cardiology conference being held at Nishtar Medical University, Multan.

Speaking at the occasion Prof. Haroon Babar said that Dr. Baber said that Cardiology Research Awards launched by the PCS and Health RAB will go a long way in promoting research culture besides helping in formulating strategies to prevent cardiac ailments in the country. Pakistan Cardiac Society’s next annual conference will be organized in Multan in November this year. Six cardiologists would be given cash prizes and awards for their research. . He hoped that a large number of cardiologists from all over Pakistan will present their paper for evaluation. Smoking, poor dietary habits, sedentary lifestyle cause obesity, hypertension and diabetes are very much prevalent in our population. Hence there was an urgent need to create awareness because heart diseases are a leading cause of deaths in Pakistan.

Prof. Naeem Aslam, President of Pakistan Cardiac Society (PCS) claimed that Pakistanis suffer from heart disease at least 10 to 15 years before the people who live in Europe and the United States. “Around 52% Pakistanis have hypertension and 26% have diabetes and it is a cause of national concern.” In Pakistan, plaque starts building up in the arteries of children when they are between the ages of six and 10 years which was quite alarming. Our children are not encouraged to involve themselves in physical activities and they are addicted to junk food, which causes obesity,” Prof. Naeem Aslam added.

Prof. Feroz Memon from Isra University Hyderabad also spoke on this occasion. It may be mentioned here that it was in 2016 that Health Research Advisory Board (Health RAB) in collaboration with Pakistan Cardiac Society announced Cardiology Research Award which received enthusiastic response from the young researchers. For this purpose, every year Health RAB organize training courses for the young researchers in the field of cardiology in various cities wherein they are provided initial training on scientific writing and publishing and the art of making scientific poster. Heads of the Departments of Cardiology all over the country are asked to nominate doctors who were registered for this initiative. All the registered participants prepare the posters which are evaluated and best posters are selected for final presentation at the CardioCon. All the selected posters are displayed at the Research Arena at the annual Pakistan Cardiac Society conference which are then judged by a panel of experts from HealthRab and Pakistan Cardiac Society.