“Observations” by Prof.Khalid Masood Gondal


Book Review

“Observations” by
Prof.Khalid Masood Gondal

During one of my recent visit to CPSP Regional Center Lahore, Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal presented me his book “Observations”. As the title suggests this 240-page Book in Urdu is the compilations of his observations while attending various surgical conferences in various countries as well as in Pakistan. It also contains some chapters about his friends and well wishers who impressed him the most. He has also been quite generous in praising some of his teachers and some eminent members of the medical profession.
Visit to various countries i.e. Egypt, Tunisia, Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore, Nepal, Shanghai, Canada, Turkey, London, United States, Malaysia and Thailand besides Saudi Arabia are covered in Part-I. He had an opportunity to visit these countries as a surgeon along with some other colleagues attending surgical conferences or as a Councilor of CPSP. Apart from the brief highlights of the conference, Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal also tried to discover and mention some of the oldest mosques in these countries which he had an opportunity to visit.
Details about the Society of Surgeons of Pakistan, Punjab Medical Teachers Association, College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan and the South Surgical Ward in Mayo Hospital where he spent lot of time during training and now as Prof. of Surgery and in charge of the Ward are covered in Part-II. Late Maulana Mohammad Arif Khateeb Jaima Mosque at King Edward Medical College Lahore, late Prof. Mohammad Nawaz Principal Rawalpindi Medical College Rawalpindi and late Prof. Manzar Saleem and their contributions in their respective fields have been covered in detail in Part-III. Special chapters have been devoted to Prof. Zafarullah Chaudhry President CPSP besides discussing the life of his brother Mohammad Ashraf and their relationship with Mian Shahbaz Shareef Chief Minister of Punjab. Apart from his profession, being keenly interested in religion as well Urdu literature, he also talks about the upbringing of his children who are Hafiz-e-Quran, his personal life and achievements, accomplishments are also covered in Chapter-IV. The last part of the book consists of his observations during his stay at Services Hospital Lahore, journey to the Holy Places in Makkah and Madina Munawara, Hajj Pilgrimage besides some suggestions for the intending Hajis from health point of view etc.
Going through the book shows that Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal is not only a keen observer but also knows the art of documentation that is why he was able to record some of the minute details during his journey overseas. Medical profession has many people with keen interest in literature and some of them have also contributed a great deal to Urdu Poetry as well as literature. Surgeon Mohsin Maghiana from Jhang is one of them who has authored quite a few books. One of his poems which he is reported to have said after being impressed with a presentation by Dr. Qamarul Huda on Multimodal Pain Therapy which is published in the book shows the quality of his poetry. Here are a few selected couplets from that poem:

Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal has also tried to look at the impact of the Western culture in some of these Muslim countries which he visited and he has also highlighted the moral values in the Western Society. He is quite impressed with the functioning of Surgical Skills Labs in some of these countries and believes that we must have animal labs in teaching institutions so that the young surgeons can get training on animals before they start practicing on actual patients. The book also gives details about Laparoscopic surgery, NOTES surgery and historical background about ATLS and how it got started in Pakistan at CPSP. The book gives useful suggestions to Heart Patients, those suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and diabetes and intend to go for Haj regarding medications. He has some advice for the Doctors working in Hajj Mission too so as to serve the patients better during the Hajj season.
I have always believed that members of the medical profession come across so many incidents and happenings during their professional career that if they document and publish them, sharing their knowledge and experience, it can benefit a lot many others. We are all human beings and each one of us has some weaknesses as well as qualities. One can learn a lot from the observations, mistakes of others. Though this book does not contain any new things as regards the field of medicine or surgery in particular but it does provide lot of useful information about various countries, historical places in these countries, historical mosques, the contributions of Muslims in these countries and above all how they are living, the problems and difficulties which Pakistanis face while living overseas and how some of them have saved themselves from the bad effects of the Western culture. The book is published by Zubair Book Depot, Opp King Edward Medical University, New Anarkali Lahore and is priced Rs. 300/- With hard book cover, the printing and production is quite impressive. SAJ