Otsuka awareness campaign against Hepatitis


 Otsuka awareness campaign against Hepatitis

Chances of infections are greater in neonates
due to negligible immunity-Hasan Khalid Zuberi

KARACHI: Chances of infections are greater in neonates due to negligible immunity. Newborns are particularly susceptible to certain diseases, much more than adults. Their new immune systems are not adequately developed to fight the bacteria and viruses that are the major cause of infections. Hence, special care is need while treating the neonates to avoid complications. This was stated by Dr. Hasan Khalid Zuberi, Consultant Pediatrician at Sindh Govt. Children Hospital Karachi, while performing the Otsuka lucky draw held at Otsuka Head Office on 25th February 2014. Mr. Habib Navaid Senior Director Marketing, Mr. Khalid Munir, Business Unit Head, Dr. Talha, Senior Medical Advisor and other executives of marketing and sales were also present at the occasion.

Dr. Hasan Khalid Zuberi from Sindh Govt. Children Hospital Karachi,
performing the Otsuka lucky draw held at Otsuka Head Office
on 25th February 2014.

Continuing Dr Hasan Zuberi said that Hepatitis is a major problem but other infections should not be ignored. Lot of antibiotics has to be diluted because finished products are not available. Mixing of antibiotics should be done on the proper points on the IV fluids preparation. Proper hand washing is the most important measure to avoid infections. If not washed then sterilization solutions must be made available besides use of gloves and cleaning of patient’s part of body being examined because chances of iatrogenic infections are increased if we do not take safety measures.
Dr. Zuberi further said that very often IV chambers are used for multipurposes and their tubes are not covered with tube covers. It is very common practice in our healthcare facilities. Tubes should never be left open, it must be covered with tube covers because it could be a major source of infections. Quality Drip sets must be used otherwise quality IV Fluids are of no use he added.
Earlier Mr. Muhammad Arshad, Deputy Marketing Manager Otsuka Pakistan, in his introductory remarks said that Otsuka awareness campaign against hepatitis is being run from the last twelve years to create awareness regarding hepatitis and to encourage ethical medical practices. Print and electronic media is being used to convey the message bedsides seminars and lectures are being organized in various hospitals. Syringe cutters have also been provided in various hospitals to discard the used syringes he added. Dr. Abdul Waheed from Hashmani Hospital Karachi Other fifteen winners will get consolation prizes.

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