HCPs should take NSIs seriously & adopt proper safety measures - Prof. Tayyab


 Otsuka awareness campaign against Hepatitis

HCPs should take NSIs seriously & adopt
proper safety measures - Prof. Tayyab

LAHORE: Dr. Mohammad Tayyab Professor and Head of Gyne III at Allama Iqbal Medical College/Jinnah Hospital Lahore was Chief Guest at the monthly lucky draw organized by Otsuka Pakistan as part of their awareness campaign regarding hepatitis and other viral diseases. Speaking at the occasion Prof. Tayyab said that.

Dr. Mohammad Tayyab presenting a gift to Dr. Naushin Salman during
Otsuka lucky draw held on February 21st, 2013 at Allama Iqbal
Medical College/Jinnah Hospital Lahore.

Needle Stick Injury is serious health care problem and is often taken usuriously by Doctors, Nurses and Para medical staff. Because of the above attitude, the number of carriers of hepatitis B and C is on rise. Fortunately, the number of AIDS patients is quite low in Pakistan due to our cultural factors. Sharing his experience in UK, Dr. M. Tayyab said that screening of every doctor & nurse is essential by Infection Control Society. A number of medical tests are performed for complete medical check up. Periodic screening of all the staff is done and if any person during the above check up comes with positive (Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and AIDS) results, then the complete treatment and financial compensation is provided by the Infection Control Society.
He appreciated Otsuka Pakistan role in disseminating the information about Needlestick Injuries which is very common phenomenon in hospitals. He asked the audience about the frequency of NSI in the ward. One of the participant informed that she experienced NSI just four days back and no safety measures were taken. Prof. Tayyab advised those present to take maximum safety measures to protect themselves. According to him, if medical staff is protected then only we can stop the spread of hepatitis and save our patient.
Earlier M. Arshad Khan (DMM Otsuka Pakistan) briefed the audience about the background of Saviours Club and its objectives. He shared the statistics of Needlestick Injuries of western world. According to him, the prevalence of Needlestick injuries in Pakistan will be much higher and we should take very good care of ourselves as every 10th Pakistani is Hepatitis carrier and we need to restrict this spread if we want to become a healthy Nation. Dr. Saira Qadir won academic/clinical services along with 15 other consolation prize winners.(PR)