Keep the American Trained Physicians at a Safe Distance


Keep the American Trained
Physicians at a Safe Distance
Trained on modern gadgetry, most of them
lack clinical skills and are not suitable to
work in Low and Middle Income countries
faced with financial constraints

KARACHI: America is considered the most materialistic society on earth. Despite being the richest country, it does not have a good healthcare which was thoroughly exposed during the COVID19 Pandemic. It is generally observed that American trained physicians which are the slave of modern gadgetry lack clinical skills and thus are not suitable to serve in Low and Middle Income countries which are all the time faced with financial constraints. Of course there are always some exceptions and one would specifically like to mention kind hearted well trained physicians like Prof. Abdus Samad and Prof. Shahryar Sheikh the two eminent cardiologists of Pakistan.

The importance of good clinical skills, taking a detailed history and making an elaborate physical examination can never be over emphasized. In fact with good clinical skills one can diagnose a vast majority of the disease and one just needs a few investigations to confirm the diagnosis. Too much and over use of modern technology brings with it more problems and it does not help improve the quality of care in most of the cases. Hence, for the Low and Middle Income countries, it is essential to find indigenous solutions to their problems. The best strategy would be giving emphasis to health education, preventive strategies, urging the population to adopt life style modification, emphasis on immunization and cost effective healthcare. Rational use of investigations and promoting rational use of drugs will also eliminate or minimize the drug reactions and Adverse Drug Events to a great extent. It is also important that those entrusted with the responsibilities of planning healthcare are those who live in these countries and are also familiar with the ground realities. Part time visitors and advisors can neither plan nor implement schemes to achieve the desired objective which remains improvement of the health services and ensuring patient satisfaction. It must also be emphasized that all the stake holders need to be engaged, involved in making health policies to have their meaningful input through discussions. Unhappy doctors, nurses and paramedics will not improve the healthcare. It is also the responsibility of the State to provide the healthcare professionals conducive, comfortable working environment and security of service at the healthcare facilities.