Federal Govt. issues notification to retake control of JPMC, NICVD and NICH


Federal Govt. issues notification to retake
control of JPMC, NICVD and NICH
Sindh Government plans to protest & start agitation
campaign to protect its rights and resources

ISLAMABAD: While the Sindh Government’s review petition is still pending in the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the Federal Government has issued a notification to take over the control of the three major hospital at Karachi i.e. Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center, National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases and National Institute of Child Health. The news has come as a shock and great surprise for the faculty members some of whom are not at all happy with this development.

Looking at the ground realities, it is said that Federal Government which cannot efficiently run and manage the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences located just at a few kilometers, how it can run and manage these big tertiary health care facilities located at such a far distance in Karachi. Even in the past, the staff and administration had often complained that the JPMC was being run through remote control from Islamabad that is why none of its problems is being solved satisfactorily. As a matter of fact the federal government had given up these institutions in general and the JPMC in particular for the last many yeas which is evident from the fact that none of the faculty positions was filled after the retirement of the senior faculty members, no new faculty positions were created and none of the faculty members who despite have completed the requisite experience was promoted. This affected not only the teaching and training but also patient care to a great extent.

In some cases after the retirement of senior faculty members either the ward, units were virtually closed down or are being run and managed by the most junior staff. However, when the Sindh Government took over the control of these institutions after the passage of the 18th constitutional amendment, it has spent billions of rupees in improving and upgrading the facilities at these institutions. Not only that the Jinnah Sindh Medical University promoted all the faculty members who had the requisite teaching experience to the next grade and filled up many posts of professor and associate professors. After this new development, all of them will revert back to their old positions which has created lot of resentment among these faculty members. The NICVD in particular has made tremendous progress and it not only provided twenty four our primary angioplasty service, no patient visiting NICVD is being refused treatment and even the facility of payment in installment is available. No one has to wait for various investigations for weeks for echocardiography etc., and there has been tremendous improvement in the service. In fact NICVD has set new standards in tertiary cardiac care facilities in the country, something which other cardiac center in the country could not think of. It was all because of the leadership of Prof. Nadeem Qamar and his team and the huge financial resources put in by the Sindh Government.

Over the years now it has also become a highly sensitive political issue with the Sindh Government terming it takeover of the Sindh resources by the federal government and it has made it clear that it will go to any extent to protect its rights. In the days to come it may fuel the agitation against the federal government. The issue and final fate of these institutions is far from being settled at present and what is going to happen in future will be largely determined by the political situation in the country. However, it is these medical institutions which will suffer as their further growth, development and expansion of services will come to a halt or retarded to a great extent. What a pity.

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